A Personal Milestone (at Tumblr)


MOEP Promo (11NOV 2017)

Today, I made my 3000th post on my Tumblr blog Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives (MOEP). (Link: www. male-oep.tumblr. com) To commemorate the occasion, I posted the following message on that blog to my followers:

“Since its launch on February 23, 2014, MOEP has always served and will continue to serve me (as long as Tumblr Admin will allow) as a personal hobby. I’ve never been interested in post-competitions, nor in achieving or in beating some kind of silly record of blog “likes” or “followers”, nor have I ever been interested in trying to outdo other bloggers in terms of photo content covering some particular [sexual] content. None of that is why I created this blog. Besides, I’m too old, too smart, too psychologically secure, and definitely too experienced with the reality of life to ever allow myself to get involved in or swept up in that kind of petty and vain bullshit. I simply post and/or share on this blog the kind of content that I find pleasing to my eyes…. which of course, comes with a natural hope that other Tumblr bloggers and visitors will also like the content I’ve posted or shared here.

I’ve always noticed one odd thing about Tumblr bloggers: the inconsistent loyalty factor. People on Tumblr will follow a blog for a while then later unfollow the moment the author of said blog isn’t posting content as often as the follower blogger would like or when that author isn’t posting the kind of photo content which the follower blogger is looking to see or wants to see. I find it strange but, it’s all good. Everything offered in life isn’t for everybody all of the time. This is why I am content with the fact that I do not post content on MOEP for the necessary purpose of pleasing my followers or other blog visitors. As owner and author of this blog, all content posted here is because it pleased me first; I’m simply sharing it on Tumblr – as well as on my recently launched new blog called Masculine Perspectives. I think pleasing one’s self first should be the primary intent of every blog owner/author – whether their blog is on Tumblr or elsewhere. (This is why I tend to ignore comments from people who complain about the content I post here or who try to “suggest” what I should/should not do on this blog.) As I said, this blog is my hobby and as such, I always have to be happy and satisfied with whatever I do here otherwise I just won’t do it.

I appreciate those of you who stay and choose to [continue] follow MOEP. I am grateful for your patience with regard to what I choose to post and how often I post here. I also appreciate that many of you realize that I, like many other bloggers, do have a life outside of Tumblr and, like all hobbies, sometimes one has to set aside the hobby toys in order to live life, deal with its many responsibilities, and participate in many other pleasures life offers.

Thank you all for “liking” the content posted on MOEP, for following this blog (I’m also trying to return the “follow” favor of your blogs as time allows), as well as for your kind comments and for your support of me expressing myself as I see fit. I’ll always be grateful.”

– RFX (Renzo)

2 thoughts on “A Personal Milestone (at Tumblr)

  1. Good for you, man! We all owe it to ourselves to remember that most of us do this (blogging) in our spare time and therefore, we have to do what pleases us in order to have the commitment to continue. Happy Achievement Day! Naked hugs, my friend!

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