Doing a Nasty Thing in the Men’s Room

[Dick Spit No. 2017-03] Here is a dirty little confession. It’s about something I used to do in my teens and twenties. By the time I got near my thirties, this particular act was no longer sexually thrilling to me – even though seeing evidence that others had done it still makes me semi-hard.

I (shamefully?) admit to having several times been one of the many so-called nasty fucks who has jerked off in a men’s restroom then shot my hot cum load either on the side of the wall of the stall I was using, on that stall’s partition, on the stall door, or on the floor. Like many fellas who, uh… came before me (pun intended), I too, would just leave it there. I remember how fuckin’ sexy and hot it was adding my own man juice to the already dried, crusted cum or perhaps still wet cum (seeing wet cum was hotter) dripping down the vertical surface of the stall walls or situated in small splotches on the floor. I mean, c’mon; What dude reading this hasn’t done this deed at least once?

It’s fine if there are a few of you who has never done this but don’t judge those of us who have. There are far worse things, you know!

Dick spit shot on restroom partition, wall
ANYWAY…. if it’s any…consolation – not that I give a damn about anyone’s judgment of me, I’ve never once sprayed my load on the toilet seat. That thing already has enough germs and what-not on it. Besides, back when I used to do this deed, I didn’t want to make more pre-shit prep work for the next dude who may have rushed in after me and needed to take a shit.

– Renzo


5 thoughts on “Doing a Nasty Thing in the Men’s Room

  1. Seriously, my bare blogging brother, you are just too considerate of others! A truly honest perspective of what most of us (at least the men) have all done at one time and many others! What the hell did any of us ever think would happen to all that DNA we were leaving all over? Oh, that’s right, we WEREN’T thinking! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug, my friend!

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    • LOL! Yep, you’re so right, Rog. Our dickHEADS and sexual lusts did the “thinking”. Boy oh boy; the things we did in our youth which some of us now – as older men, look back on and just shake our [larger] heads…uh, the one holding the brain, in laughter and/or bewilderment. *snickers* 😏

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    • Yeah, g; I think a number of us have either been orally serviced and/or have given oral service in a restroom somewhere. Sometimes, those places are or can be the hottest to get or give a BJ…that is, if the restroom is clean (and cleanliness is my preference). I’ve found the public restrooms of four and five star hotels -as well as those in some colleges and universities I’ve attended or visited (for educational or professional reasons) to be the best. However, like you, I could not see myself doing that sort of thing at my age (57). I have two reasons why: 1. I’m wiser. 2. Taking a risk of getting caught and/or possibly getting arrested simply doesn’t appeal to me. Besides, I’ve long since matured into the kind of person who, if I were to engage in oral sex, will want to do more. Much more. Therefore, why not just offer to “go all the way ” in the car or better yet, either at my home or his? Or we can get a hotel room. Privacy on the sexual level is more important to me now than ever before. I may sometimes have a slutty attitude about certain things but I’ve long since learned that I never have to flaunt it in a public place. I’m laughing out loud but am very serious.
      Thanks for visiting the blog, reading the article, and leaving a comment, g! I appreciate it! ☺️

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