Sunday’s Sin (3)

Presenting images which boldly and shamelessly reflect the expressions of natural love, affection, intimacy, sensuality, and bonding between men.MP Sunday's Sin-15MP Sunday's Sin-16MP Sunday's Sin-17MP Sunday's Sin-18MP Sunday's Sin-19

7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sin (3)

  1. Hey blogging buddy! Fantastic photographs of men sinning together! Wait, just what is the “sin” involved in two men in love? Just teasing, my man! This is such a pleasing place to spend part of a Sunday morning. Thank you for putting the cares of the world away for a few moments. Nice job! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug! 🙂

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    • LOL. I hear ya, Rog. I realize you’re kidding. Still, I don’t mind clarifying to you and other readers/visitors of Masculine Perspectives why I’ve named this category ‘Sunday’s Sin’.
      The “sin” in the title simply refers to those sexual acts which a number of prudes, bigots, and certain social and religious groups, as well as other closed-minded people, may or do consider as being either risqué, “unnatural”, “sinful”, “an abomination” or offensive in some way to their perception of so-called “polite” society and/or to their particular religious beliefs or personal moral standards. Content posted in the ‘Sunday’s Sin’ category is in hard defiance of those persons or groups who object or take issue with any act or expression of natural human intimacy between a same-sex couple. Also, with me being atheist and a non-believer in the religious act called “sin”, I’ve named the category to mock both objectors and the word.
      Feel free to read the full description of each category used on Masculine Perspectives at the Category Descriptions page (
      Thanks for the comment! Naked hugs, my friend and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! ☺️

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      • I knew that you had your reasons, and I concur with ALL of them. I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Aaron and I spent it with my family in Greece, even though it’s just a regular Thursday there. It was nice being home for the holiday! Naked hugs!

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