That Moment When…

…you’re sexually fuckstrated because you’re horny as fuck!

CT_When you're horny as fuck)

2 thoughts on “That Moment When…

    • I thought you knew, Larry: EVERY guy whose image is posted on ‘Masculine Perspectives’ – (yes, that includes the White guys too), live with ME – provided of course, they each have a JOB, pay their part of the rent, help keep the home clean, help cook, and walk around NAKED and sleep in the nude whenever they’re home! LOL! 😏
      Seriously, since I began this blog last year and my Tumblr blog, ‘Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives’ (MOEP)( a few years ago – each simply as a hobby, I make it a point to look for and post only [what I consider in my eyes] as the best-in-quality photos. If necessary, I’ll do what I can to either brighten or “clean up” the photo before posting. (I’m simply particular that way!) To better answer your question, I find photos in various places on Tumblr and on personal blogs on the internet. For years I’ve been saving only the photos, gifs (and some videos) I like to my ever-increasing photo library on my computer. There are a number of photos I’ve had stored for years and a number which were recently found.
      ANYWAY, thanks for visiting and enjoying ‘Masculine Perspectives’ and for taking time to leave a kind comment. I do indeed appreciate it. Be well. ☺️


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