Naked ‘Batespirations (7)

Presenting fine images of men in their wonderfully naked and man-nificent glory.
(The word ‘batespiration is a portmanteau of the words ‘masturbation’ and ‘inspiration’.)

MP's Naked 'Batespiration-11 (Matthias Dambreville.model

MP's Naked 'Batespiration-12

MP's Naked 'Batespiration-13 (Omarion Ryan, model)

MP's Naked 'Batespiration-14 (GIF)

MP's Naked 'Batespiration-15

MP's Naked 'Batespiration-16

MP's Naked 'Batespiration-17

4 thoughts on “Naked ‘Batespirations (7)

  1. Good Morning, my man! You indeed have a gift for making me eagerly anticipate the arrival of a new day so that I can see what new delights you posted here! Thank you, my blogging partner! Much love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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    • (regarding the first guy)Yes, I think so too! That’s one of the reasons why he was made lead photo in the set. His name is Matthias Dambreville. The photo is by Lulu Delafalaise.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting! 😊

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