Saturday’s Options (7)

MP SatOpts-1 (An ideal breakfast)
Hey fellas!
You know that ideal big breakfast which for months you’ve been thinking about having and hoping to find the time to either go to a restaurant or a hotel and treat yourself to one day? Well, I’ve had the same thought and hope! Let this photo (and the handsome naked man in it!) inspire us to make that long-overdue, much-deserved, big, delicious breakfast a reality; one that’s definitely going to happen sooner than later! In fact, I’ve already made my plans for next week! What about you?
– Renzo

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Options (7)

  1. Only if he comes along with the meal! 🙂 Yes, my blogging brother and friend, I just absolutely HAD to be a smart-ass this morning – especially when you post a delicious meal such as this after my measly breakfast at McD’s of a sausage biscuit, hash brown potatoes and tea! Now I indeed AM ready for a breakfast such as the one above! Much love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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    • Ha-ha-ha! Sorry to learn you had to “suffer” through a Mickey D’s “breakfast”, Rog. Hopefully the photo in the article will be especially inspirational for you to treat your stomach, liver…hell, your entire digestive track, much better! However, if by chance you should again find yourself in such an unfortunate self-feeding situation, I suggest you try McDonald’s pan cakes and sausage breakfast. (NOTE: Unless I’m in pinch where I’m nauseous from not having eaten when I should have, rarely do I eat anything from McDonald’s – nor from any fast-food restaurant for that matter, which serves breakfast. You see, my biological system has (to put it kindly) “digestion issues” after eating certain fast-foods, therefore I have to be careful on what I eat and when I eat it! And I’ve tried those nasty sausage biscuits and have gone…YUCK! 🤮 I’ve found that McDonald’s sausage and their Canadian bacon meat normally served on or in their biscuits and McMuffins, tastes better all by themselves… meaning, without the bread. I’ve also found that McD’s hash browns are great, as are their pan cakes (when topped with syrup and butter). Wash all that down with some orange or apple juice (Rarely, if ever, do I drink coffee) or better yet with WATER, and you should be good to go…at least until lunch!
      But…fuck all that!!
      Brother, go treat yourself – and take Aaron with you – to a NON-fast-food restaurant one day. Try to make that trip on a Mon-Fri WEEKDAY or on SUNDAY, since sure as my name, a SATURDAY breakfast outing in the wrong place and at the wrong time in the morning will likely consist of you guys putting up with the noise of rowdy kids and frustrated parents. (As a parent, I know well of what I say!) Why do you think the fine-as-wine guy in the photo is eating breakfast in his hotel room? Dude wants to eat his breakfast in the land of PEACE and QUIET! LMAO!
      Seriously, as I’m sure you’re aware, the idea in the photo and my “Saturday’s Options” article, is for us guys to take the time to RELAX and to ENJOY and APPRECIATE anything and everything we’ve chosen to have for breakfast. Breakfast may be the first and most important meal of any day but it’s so pointless if we’re rushed, are under the demands of a schedule, are stressed out, and/or are situated in some loud or chaotic environment.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend.
      Naked hugs and a gentle tug! ☺️

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      • A little bird flew onto my shoulder and let me know that I would regret admitting to you that I ate at McD’s! 😉 Now, I know why! LOL! Seriously, my blogging brother, I ate there this morning because I had a meeting and was rushed for time. Like you, I generally avoid eating “fast-food” because a) it rarely is “fast” and b) the only truth in the “Fast” claim is the indigestion that almost always follow! Much love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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      • LOL! It’s all good, g! I understand completely your situation all too well!! I just enjoyed jabbing ya! Naked hugs, my friend!🤪

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