Undergear Aspects (12)

Presenting images of men either wearing, holding, or perhaps taking off/putting on attire normally worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin.

MP's Undergear Aspects-11

MP's Undergear Aspects-12

MP's Undergear Aspects-13

MP's Undergear Aspects-14

MP's Undergear Aspects-15 (GIF)

MP's Undergear Aspects-16MP's Undergear Aspects-18MP's Undergear Aspects-19MP's Undergear Aspects-20

4 thoughts on “Undergear Aspects (12)

  1. As much as I hate to admit it (you know I prefer complete nudity), awesome group of men you’ve collected, buddy! I’m not sure of what the dudes in the checkered boxers are doing exactly, but they’re doing it damn well! 😉 Naked hugs!

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    • Sweet. While I personally have a fondness for all men who, in my visual and mental perception I find attractive – regardless of their skin color, I do understand that everyone has some preferences which may vary on any scale. With the fondness you’ve expressed, perhaps you may enjoy the “Chocolate Treats” series at my Tumblr blog, “Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives” (MOEP). LINK: https://male-oep.tumblr.com/tagged/chocolate_treats
      There is a direct link to my Tumblr blog MOEP located on the right side column of this blog. Simply scroll down to the photo of the fine man of color looking at his laptop and click that image!


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