Undergear Aspects (13)

Whassup fellas!
Kickin’ off the morning with this sweet little sumthin’ sumthin’.
May the memory of this short, sexy video clip bring a smile as each of us face our respective challenges of the day. Enjoy! 
[p.s. See my notes below the clip.]
– Renzo

NOTE 1: There is a music bed in this video (which I did not create). Someone is singing John Legend‘s “Good Morning” from his 2008 album, Evolver. I’m almost certain that the person singing is not Legend himself but someone else (whose name I do not know). Click the song title or here to listen to the full song on YouTube.

NOTE 2: Undergear Aspects is a regular category series here on Masculine Perspectives. The series presents images of men either wearing, holding, or perhaps taking off/putting on attire normally worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin. Click the category title or here to see more.

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