Undergear Aspects (14)

Presenting images of men either wearing, holding, or perhaps taking off/putting on attire normally worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin.

MP's Undergear Aspects-1 (Wrestling singlet)

                                          Masculine hotness in a wrestling singlet!

3 thoughts on “Undergear Aspects (14)

  1. Dude with attitude! He looks as though he’s more than ready to challenge anyone who even thinks of fu*king with HIS weekend! Nice feature for a Saturday morning, Renzo! Enjoy YOUR weekend but steer clear of this fellow! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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    • LOL! No, Rog…. you misunderstand: I would love NOT to steer clear of this fyne man and have the chance to get all up, into and onto his masculine attributes! I mean, cmon! Just LOOK at this dude, g! Dayum!
      And as for “fucking with his weekend”… well, I’m down for that sort of thing if he ever wants me to be! Oh, fuck yeah!! 😏
      Hope your weekend is awesome! Naked hugs and a gentle tug, buddy!

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