Sunday’s Sin (14)

Presenting images which boldly and shamelessly reflect the expressions of natural love, affection, intimacy, sensuality, and bonding between men.

MP Sunday's Sin-9

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sin (14)

    • Of course there’s no sin in gay sex, g. 😊
      The following excerpt fom the LONG description of the “Sunday’s Sin” category explains why I label certain posts published on Sunday as “Sunday’s Sin”:
      “Content posted in the Sunday’s Sin category is in hard defiance of those persons or groups who object or take issue with any act or expression of natural human intimacy between a same-sex couple. The word “sin” used in the Masculine Perspectives category title “Sunday’s Sin”, is simply meant to mock those objections (particularly since I, being atheist, do not believe in the concept of sin as defined by religion).”
      You can read the full description of “Sunday’s Sin” and other selected categories featured on this blog by clicking the “Category Descriptions” link located on the right side margin/column of this blog.😊


  1. It’s a good thing that the right-fundamentalists aren’t too familiar with your site here. They would go into apoplectic shock with the post here today. It took my breathe away when I first saw it. Now that’s a Sunday morning moment I could truly appreciate! 😉 Keep up the good work! Love, naked hugs and several gentle tugs today, my blogging brother! 🙂

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