Saturday’s Options (8)

Ah, yes. This beautiful man is looking back at you, g.
In this wonderfully chillaxin’ moment, he shifted his sexy eyes from reading his copy of one of [late author] E. Lynn Harris’ novels just to notice you looking down at him. Surely you can “hear” those eyes saying…
“Why don’t you get the fuck off the internet, grab a good book – assuming you own one, and join me? We can decide what we’re going to do after we’ve read a few chapters. Kool?

MP SatOpts-1 (Dares U 2 read a book)
Enjoy your Saturday, fellas!

– Renzo


3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Options (8)

  1. A man with a book is good to find. A man without clothes reading a book is better. A man without clothes reading a book to me is best! 🙂 Terrific post, Renzo. Have a super weekend. Love, naked hugs and an especially gentle tug!

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    • Thanks, Rog! I believe that the annual “Naked Reading Day” (or month?) is in July. That’s an event I first learned about from you several years ago (when you and I first met in the blogosphere). 😊 I intend to join you in posting photos of nude readers at that time to celebrate the occasion. Stand by, brother! Naked hugs and a very special tug to you in return!😄

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      • July also happens to be the month that the author you mentioned in your post, died. He was one of my favorites of all time. I can hardly wait to see your pictures of naked men reading! 😉 I enjoy searching for those images! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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