Sunday’s Sin (15)

Presenting images which boldly and shamelessly reflect the expressions of natural love, affection, intimacy, sensuality, and bonding between men.

MP Sunday's Sin-40

MP Sunday's Sin-10
MP Sunday's Sin-11
MP Sunday's Sin-12
MP Sunday's Sin-13

7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sin (15)

    • Roger, I’ve been working on an article related to men’s restrooms activity which inspired this week’s “Sunday’s Sin”. I didn’t want to wait until that article was finished which is why the post was made first. Now today, I see you’ve written one excellent article about one specific men’s restroom [pastime?] activity: glory holes! Glory holes is the main focus of the article about men’s restroom sex that I’m now working on! Great minds think alike, buddy! Damn!
      Stand by for the article which I hope to have finished today or tomorrow (if my damn elbow bursitis would just let up for a bit). I’ll be sure to link your “Glory Hole” article in it.
      Naked hugs and a gentle tug. 😏

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      • It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve unknowingly synchronized our posts, Rob! It probably won’t be the last, either! 😉 I look forward to reading yours, buddy! You do your research so well! 😉 Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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  1. i am living in egypt, i was in square , i found a public restroom , i was in shock, because i found some gays did what i found in pictures ,one is holding the penis of other to help him to fuck ,one of them is touching the butt of other, i was young , but after some days i understood that is love and sex in the restroom , now they closed the restroom in egypt because of law is not allowing to do that in egypt


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