That Moment When…

… you just watched an old selfie-video from a few years ago of you jacking off. You got turned the fuck on so much by your own orgasmic grunts and the video images of your dick shooting a hot load that in real time, your dick gets hard and starts leaking precum.
Now, that’s as hot as fuckin’ hot can be!

*Renzo hits video repeat, eats some precum, and starts jacking off in real time.*

Renzo's flaccid dick, cojones1(1229x922

P/N:  And yes; the “package” shown in this post proudly belongs to yours truly.
– Renzo ♂😏 ♂


5 thoughts on “That Moment When…

  1. Ah, yes. Those sweet memories that we just live over, again and again and…oh shit, I’m getting myself wet! 😉 The bad part of the situation is…I’m at work! Only for you, Renzo, my blogging buddy, only for you! Love, naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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  2. Mmmmm — And how ! I love licking, sucking on that underside where the foreskin gather before if uncut covers the cock . . .yours looks especially lickable —- suckable —– nursed on —– My rule is if “I turn over for you, you turn over for me” likewise orally, to bro .. . .Keep that beauty hanging free and let those balls sway with the music outdoors is a delight . . .

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