Hairy Pit Stop (11)

Presenting images which celebrate my fetish for hairy armpits on men whom I find attractive and sexy.

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-1

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-2

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-3

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-4

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-5

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-6 (GIF)

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-7

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-8

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-9

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-10

4 thoughts on “Hairy Pit Stop (11)

    • Sweet. It always makes me happy learning that in some way, I was instrumental in causing or bringing happiness to others! 😉


  1. Renzo, you outdid yourself with this post! I’ve learned my lesson and decided to hold off on viewing these until after my school-day was done! Now I KNOW why! Very enticing! Love, naked hugs (multiple) and a VERY gentle tug!

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