Confessions (LGBT Pride)

Yesterday (June 30, 2018) I attended and enjoyed both the LGBT Pride festival and the afterparty drag show held in my area. The only sour note to my entire day turned out being the same whenever I attended such events in previous years: I always end up going alone and never make any new friends.
– RenzoRFX_LGBT Pride (Bay City, MI_30JUN2018) rz

4 thoughts on “Confessions (LGBT Pride)

  1. Hey Renzo!
    Don’t be disheartened, my nude buddy! In all my years of celebrating at Pride, there was only one time that I went alone and almost hooked up with another. He was interested, I was interested. However, his “ex” barged in on our foreplay! It doesn’t pay to go to an event where almost everyone else is looking for the same: an interesting man! But hey, my friend! You went – and that, to me at least, is more important that anything else! Much love, many naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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