Saturday’s Options (11)

I have no idea what the fuck to do today except…chill. Oh, sure. I’ve got several things I can do but hey: as of this writing, the semi-finals of the World Cup 2018 (happening in Russia) is on TV and…. it’s Belgium vs England. (See the schedule below.)
MP SatOpts-1
FIFA WC 2018 (Semi-Finals, Final sched)Since today and tomorrow (Sunday, July 15) are the last two days of the FIFA World Cup, how about those of us who love men’s soccer …*ahem*… I mean, futbol, spend some of this weekend watching that most popular (and sexiest) of male competitive sports? After all, soccer is the shit, baby. I thought everyone knew that.

Fellas, whatever you decide to do this weekend, be safe, have fun, and enjoy it!

– Renzo

2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Options (11)

  1. Renzo, despite my dis-inclination to seriously become enthused about televised athletics (except for the Olympics), you really make the Finals appear appealing. Good foresight posting the schedule so no one has the daunting task of scrolling endlessly through schedules. Nice work, buddy! Naked hugs!

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