Hairy Pit Stop (15)

Presenting images which celebrate my fetish for hairy armpits on men whom I find attractive and sexy.

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-1 (He's a top_Got it)Aight, g. Message received and… we get it. You’re a top. Thanks for letting us know. 😏

5 thoughts on “Hairy Pit Stop (15)

    • LOL! Yeah, so have I, Rog. So have I. Still….and just so everyone is clear, absolutely no assumptions about the sexual orientation or sexual position of the guy in the photo is or was ever implied nor intended. Yet on the sexual humor aspect (of which my comment to the photo was genuinely made), it was difficult for me to ignore the word “TOP” on this guy’s bicep. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to crack wise. 😊
      Thanks for commenting, Rog. Naked hugs and a gentle tug!

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      • Rarely have to ever made any assumption that I am aware. When I viewed this post my mind automatically flashed back to a guy I hooked up with almost 10 years ago. He swore he was a “top” but when we returned to my apartment, stripped, he jumped into my bed with his beautiful ass primed in the “position.” I followed his body message and we did and yes, it was good! 😉 Much love, buddy!

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      • Sweet. Still, Roger, I need to thank YOU for your first comment. After reading it, I knew that YOU meant well and was kidding. However, your comment reminded me that the possibility exists where there might be someone (because there’s always at least one person) – either who is a new follower of this blog and/or someone who follows my Tumblr blog (Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives (MOEP) where this post was shared – who for some odd and twisted reason, just might jump to some negative conclusion and think that I had made certain sexual presumptions about the man in the photo in my attached statement to it. Such has happened to me before on another blog and on social media. Disparaging remarks usually and always came from über-sensitive gay men who: (1) didn’t know or weren’t familiar with my sense of humor (especially on the sexual level) and (2) were themselves carriers of a sexual sense of humor handicap. Poor guys. LOL!
        I think you’ve followed me long enough to know that if nothing else, I do try to avoid any sense of ambiguity in my work – vain as that effort might be sometimes.
        Much love to you, my friend. And thanks! ☺️

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