Hairy Pit Stop (17)

Presenting images which celebrate my fetish for hairy armpits on men whom I find attractive and sexy.

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-3

MP's Hairy Pit Stop-2MP's Hairy Pit Stop-1MP's Hairy Pit Stop-4 (GIF)MP's Hairy Pit Stop-5

3 thoughts on “Hairy Pit Stop (17)

  1. Renzo, there is a very good reason for my delayed viewing of your posts in “Hairy Pit Stop” series here. I get too excited to even think about opening the post while at work. There’s just no way I can take that risk! 🙂 You are too much a hairy armpit gourmet for me to be indiscreet!

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    • Oh, I don’t mind the delay in reading my blog, Roger. In fact, I am VERY much behind in my own reading of articles on your blog and those of others who follow me. (Sorry, fellas! Please forgive me!) Demands at work, on top of some of my personal life issues, have been the cause. Still, I never take your readership or comments – nor those of anyone else, for granted. I appreciate all efforts and all [positive] comments posted here whenever a regular reader or visitor can and are willing to give them!
      Naked hugs and a gentle tug, my friend! 😎

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