MP’s Photo of the Day (10)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_FOTD (15OCT2018)It’s hockey season. Naked hockey, anyone?

11 thoughts on “MP’s Photo of the Day (10)

    • Roger, hockey is one of the few action sports I happened to like. However, due to the awfully rough and often unpredictable nature of that sport, I would never play it naked! Nope. No fuckin’ way! I simply love and treasure my dick (which would be shrunken by the cold atmosphere), my big balls (which, due to that same cold, would recede as far as possible up into my abdomen), and my brown ass (which would certainly feel the cold and freeze) much too much to ever threaten either with such…. athletic sacrifice. LOLBVS! 😆
      Thanks for the comment! Naked, yet SAFER and WARMER hugs and a gentle tug!

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      • My second reason for NOT doing bare hockey is the possibility of injuring my manly jewels! 😉 And I agree 100%, hugs and tugs are definitely comforting, warmer and preferable to the frigid!

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  1. I have a low grade fear of digital loss around ice skates…I think the exposure of Little Xtopher to those razor sharp blades would keep my butt happily planted on the bench!
    But you go ahead! 😂

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