That Moment When…

Classroom tease

     a)    The class clown (sexual orientation irrelevant), showing everyone how to take sagging to a whole, other level.
     b)   Simply showing the fellas the best, most correct, and the healthiest way to pass gas in class.
     c)    Classify as straight (heterosexual) but are sexually fluid and occasionally likes teasing the fellas.
     d)   Either gay or bisexual AND horny as fuck, yet don’t mind perpetuating the gay stereotype that “all gay and bisexual men are bottoms”. (Which of course we aren’t but many straight (heterosexual) people still won’t acknowledge that fact.)
     e)   Either gay or bisexual and it’s been far too long since a dude tapped your tight ass.
     f)   A shameless bottom indeed (regardless of sexual orientation) … and damn it, it’s way past time every guy in class learn that fact.

If all of the above applies then indeed you’re my kind of fella!
(*Feel free to add your own humorous comments about the photo!)

– Renzo

7 thoughts on “That Moment When…

    • 1. There’s no “shame” of anything in this photo: either to, of, nor by anyone pictured. We shouldn’t judge people nor situations of which we know little to nothing about. Besides, what’s happening in the photo appears to be nothing more than simple humor. Whomever snapped the photo and posted on the internet must have thought it was humorous, too! I certainly did, (which is why it’s here).

      2. I appreciate your comments and thank you for following ‘Masculine Perspectives’. However I must ask that in your comments to anything posted here, please refrain from making presumptions of sexual orientation (e.g. referring to someone as “gay”) regarding any of the men you see posted/featured on this blog. You’ve done that a few times in the past and I’ve edited your comments. I doubt any of us we know the innate (natural) sexual orientation of many of the men posted on this blog. I hope you understand.


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