Regarding the Tumblr Situation

CT with laptopPREFACE: Fellas, please forgive me for this late response, particularly to those of you who were kind to send me inquiries either in the comment section of Masculine Perspectives, via text message, or a private message on Facebook and Twitter regarding concerns about my Tumblr blog, Male Oriented Erotica & Perspective (MOEP) ( I humbly thank you for and appreciate your concerns. I have been ill lately – and, to make matters worse for me, my ability to type anything lengthy has, for the past several days and until recently, been limited due to me suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I explain the latter in this blog article published on Masculine Perspectives. Now, to briefly answer the personally appreciated question of concern about my Tumblr blog, Male Oriented Erotica & Perspective (MOEP), the older sister blog of this blog, Masculine Perspectives.

No, gentlemen…I have no “set-in-stone” nor any firm plans for MOEP. My guess is either Tumblr will continue (as it has been doing since their announcement a few weeks earlier) flagging adult content that has been posted and/or which has been previously posted on MOEP; content which Tumblr’s software algorithms – and/or the human eyes of their staff – determine to be in violation of their precious (and now prudish)revised Community Standards (CS) policy.

For those who either don’t blog on Tumblr or visit Tumblr, I am referring to a recent revision to Tumblr’s Community Service (CS) policy which – as of today (December 17, 2018), now prohibits and/or flags any and all “adult content” (aka NSFW – “not safe for work”) which either is presently existing or newly posted on its network. According to Tumblr, blogs on the Tumblr network having such content will be taken from public view and access – as in, taken off their internet web in such a way Tumblr deems fit, and (supposedly) made visually available only to the account user’s Tumblr account blog/page (which of course I think is pointless in and of itself). As of this writing, I see Tumblr has already taken down MOEP from the web and made it only accessible to me. It may also be accessible to other Tumblr bloggers but I don’t know. I can see it when I log on to my Tumblr dashboard – and, as of this writing, also see other blogs with adult content when I log on to Tumblr. I don’t pretend to remotely understand how or what exactly Tumblr is doing, especially considering that I’m still getting notices from Tumblr that other Tumblr bloggers are liking and re-blogging content already posted on MOEP. Still, I see that my browser links and tabbed pages to MOEP show that the connection to MOEP has been removed. Oh well, so much for that!

Flyin' Solo-49There are a number of bloggers who had been posting notices (on both Tumblr and Twitter) which offer Tumblr bloggers the option of joining some Tumblr-like network that’s supposed to be Tumblr-like in every way (sans the restriction of adult content, of course). I don’t know which of those alternative networks to choose and transfer my MOEP data and I hesitate to list any of the suggestions I’ve found or received in this article. (I wouldn’t want you to blame me for either visiting and/or migrating your Tumblr blog data content to a bad site!) However, if YOU, dear reader, have or know of a good and reliable Tumblr-alternative network site…one (or some) which offers the safe and efficient data migration of the data/content on a person’s Tumblr blog, then feel free to share that information in the comments section of this article. (I – and other readers of this article humbly THANK YOU in advance, especially if the migration works and is successful!) I’ll check out the suggested network site(s) but likely won’t immediately migrate MOEP (assuming at all that I can migrate) my data to that network nor will I subscribe to it until I see how well and adequate that website is running.

In the meantime, I’ll probably keep my Tumblr account open and active (which allows me to have access to MOEP) but I will disconnect the WordPress connection between Masculine Perspectives and MOEP/Tumblr and remove the Tumblr share button from this blog. With MOEP no longer accessible on the public web (as I understand that to be the case), I have no desire to post or share anything else on or to MOEP while it is with Tumblr.

At this point, I’m not going to fret much over this whole Tumblr thing very much. Yes, I’ve got a strong opinion about the whole matter (which I’ll probably share later) but the bottom line to all of the Tumblr shit is that there’s nothing I can do about four years of hard work on my Tumblr hobby being taken out of public view. At least I have Masculine Perspectives; although while WordPressCommunity Standards policy allows for adult content, that blogging service provider does not allow images which depict sexual acts. MP Promo UseThis is why you won’t see sexual acts like fellatio (aka blow jobs), dudes jacking off (masturbating), nor dudes fucking [other dudes] et al, featured on this blog. (However, Masculine Perspectives does have images which are merely sexually suggestive of those particular acts.) Besides, I had never intended for Masculine Perspectives to carry that kind of content anyway since (until recently) I was saving that sort of thing for posting on my Tumblr blog, MOEP. Now, should WordPress ever get a hair up its ass and decide to go the way of Tumblr…meaning, should WordPress also decide to prohibit adult content on its network, then I will consider closing this blog and ask for a refund of whatever money is left on my paid subscription. I’m just sick of all the prudish censorship and the so-called “safe environment” bullshit!

Fellas, I’ve got much more to say about this evil Tumblr Community Standards and so-called “safe environment” situation but the nerves in my right hand and wrist (yes, the very hand I use to jack my dick) has been tingling like a mutherfucker in the last few minutes (again, due to carpal tunnel syndrome), so I’ll end this article here.

All my best to my fellow Tumblr bloggers!
(And a huge and appreciative THANK YOU is given to those persons who recently came from Tumblr and decided to add Masculine Perspectives to their list of blogs to follow.)

– Renzo

5 thoughts on “Regarding the Tumblr Situation

  1. Despite my evading every social media site around, I did explore MeWe about two weeks ago and am somewhat impressed with what’s offered there. I’ve met (online) a couple of cool people there and I see what FB could be, without all the BS. (I’ll never revert back to reactivating my FB account). I’ve walked away from Tumblr for good. I think their policy was foolish, unplanned and user non-friendly. If that’s the way they want to operate, fine. They can continue to do so without me. Eventually they’ll realize their mistake – fewer users impact their advertising revenue and THAT is what gets their attention – not petitions or letters, etc. Naked hugs!

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    • Yeah, Rog…I’ve been thinking about leaving Tumblr for good, too. The fact that I can’t see my site without having to go through some Tumblr dashboard, and then having to consider whether or not to post an EDITED version of a photo, simply irks the fuck out of me. I did that photo editing shit when I had a “Masculine Perspectives” page on Facebook. It was always a “hit or miss”… with me missing something which somehow, violated Facebook’s ambiguously written and hypocritically “enforced” Community Standards and “safety” policy. The third time that Facebook blocked me – which lasted a month, once my Facebook “jail time” was over I had access to my account, I immediately shut down not just the “Masculine Perspectives” page but also another page I had – named for my radio show, which featured articles I’d written or shared about various music artists I liked and the weekly postings of my music playlists from my weekend radio show. Dealing with Facebook was fuckstrating. Now, I just simple user account as I wait patiently to leave Facebook for good too. I only have 29 friends on Facebook – and out of that number I only personally know a few. If I leave Facebook (which may be soon) I won’t miss it. And now I won’t miss Tumblr. I’m fuckstrated with Tumblr. Fortunately for me, I have every photo I ever posted on MOEP over the last four years.

      Now, I’ve looked at and even signed up with MeWe (thanks, Larry!) but did not see where or how I could migrate MOEP’s content there. Also, from what little I had time to read in MeWe’s policy, they don’t want porn (not that I have a whole lot of it; but is a guy masturbating considered porn? WordPress seems to think so, which is why it’s not on this blog.) I supposed MeWe doesn’t want photos, gifs, or videos of any guys engages in solo sex acts, nor guys fucking and sucking each other. Hmmm, ok. I’m not clear about any of that yet at MeWe. All I found were there groups. Since I opened an account under my real name and one under my pseudonym (LeRenzo Nevada), I’ll have to check MeWe out further.

      I got Tumblr to send my data files to me; I have yet to download them. Frankly, Roger, as I continue to think about Tumblr versus what I’ve been trying to build here on MP (keeping in line – I hope – with WordPress’ CS policies and restrictions, I don’t much care anymore about posting to Tumblr. Still, at least for the time being, I want to keep that account open until I find an easy-to-migrate data files-type network platform. As stated, I don’t yet see that on MeWe.

      And if I can’t find such a site then, fine. I just do not have the patience nor the time to put into starting what I was doing at Tumblr all over again. Much of my work is gone anyway. I’ve just lost interest, and perhaps that’s a good thing. Besides, when I feel the need to look at some hot gay porn for my masturbation session, I’ll just do what I’d always done long before someone told me about the existence of Tumblr: visit Pornhub and sites like it. I’ll find something of sexual interest, jack my dick, bust my nut, clean up, click away from the site, and go on about the rest of my day like it was on thang! Fortunately, porn doesn’t rule my life. I think I’m too old anyway, and certainly have a countless number of other things which interest and/or distract me which surely has kept me from ever getting “addicted” to porn.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting, Roger. I appreciate it! Naked hugs, and a gentle tug, my friend.

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      • I’ll be sure to try to find you on MeWe. From what I’ve seen in the short time that I’ve been there, almost anything is posted. I haven’t observed anything hardcore, but I’ve seen erections and groups stroking one another. Naked hugs!

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