A Jock Sniff Moment (7)

Featuring images of men who, like many of us, love and appreciate the musky, yet pheromone scent or odor of either our own balls (scrotum) and/or the balls of another guy; a scent often left in a jockstrap, athletic attire [lower half], or pair of underwear that a man has worn.
JSM-7I’ll bet that some of you have been waiting for a sweet photo like this.

6 thoughts on “A Jock Sniff Moment (7)

    • Perhaps.
      Many guys who like to smell or sniff recently worn musky jockstraps or underwear – be it their own or that which belongs to another guy, don’t necessarily do so for the purpose of having sex. Many guys (myself included) often do such things strictly for the turn-on, for sexual arousal, and often for masturbatory purposes – or the enhancement thereof. And since masturbation is a sexual activity – albeit one that a guy often does alone, then perhaps that’s what you mean when you say, “wanting to have more sex”. Yes, your statement is valid since it is possible that the odor of a worn or recently used jockstrap or underwear could help a guy have more sex – either with himself or with someone else; meaning, the odor or musk of that particular clothing item could indeed help keep him sexually aroused or further turned on.
      Guys (like me) who do such things, tend to do so because the male pheromones left in the musky odor from or of our balls, armpits, and/or ass hole are, for many guys (whether they are gay, bisexual, or straight) a sexual turn-on or can be [further] sexually arousing. This photo is a perfect suggestive illustration of a guy who, just by looking at his erection, is aroused either by the musky ball sack odor of his own jockstrap, or the odor of another guy who recently wore the jockstrap he’s holding and smelling.
      Thanks for your comment! 😊


    I need to stress a point I made to an earlier comment: A guy who enjoys smelling another guy’s underwear, jockstrap, or cup doesn’t necessarily mean, nor does it make that particular guy non-heterosexual. A guy could be the straightest heterosexual around yet still enjoy manly musk/odors or pheromones: either his own or those which come from another guy. Of course, it’s logical to assume that no straight/heterosexual dude would ever want to be caught or seen smelling another dude’s underwear or jockstrap, lest it be assumed that he is or could be gay or bisexual. I make this point because we live in a world where there are still too many people who like to think or prefer to assume that every homoerotic act done by a person has to be some kind of proof, suggestion, or indicator to that person’s [possible] non-heterosexuality. Most of us know that simply isn’t always the case (although depending on who that person is, we’d like to think otherwise). I intend to talk about this at some future point.
    – Renzo


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