A Tumblr Blog “Rescue Plan”

MP_'BateStation1Fellas, if you haven’t already, below is a screenshot from Twitter showing a Tumblr blog “rescue plan” for those of us whose Tumblr blog(s) has adult content that’s now forbidden at Tumblr. (Right-click on image below to open and enlarge in new tab/window.)
I’m going to try this out. I just registered at https://2mblr.com, and have authorized them to connect my Tumblr blog Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives blog (MOEP) to migrate MOEP’s data to this site. MOEP’s new URL is now https://2mblr.com/male-oep.

rescueplan (of Tumblr blog)- Twitter page

Since there is neither anything personal nor sensitive about me on MOEP, I didn’t mind giving 2mblr read and write access to MOEP for the purpose of initiating the transfer.Tumblr to 2mblr (pt1 of 2)

Tumblr to 2mblr (pt2 of 2)The screenshot photo below shows that my blog, MOEP (male-oep) has been transferred to 2mblr. I see some of my content posted there but as of yet don’t see how I can post new content. Also, there isn’t yet a blog archive (a feature I especially liked and found exceptionally useful on Tumblr.) Without the archive, I’m not yet sure if all of MOEP’s content has been transferred. I supposed the people at 2mblr.com are working on that for all the blogs they’ve transferred. I’ll check back in January 2019.
** NOTE: I did not delete my blog at Tumblr. In fact, 2mblr tells its users exactly not to do that (yet).

rescueplan (of Tumblr blog)- website pageANYWAY…
If you have a Twitter account (and you should have one so that you can follow me there; it’s @Renzo57Mp), then visit the Twitter page I circled in the screenshot at the top of this article and read up on what you need to do to transfer your Tumblr data. I also advise reading previous tweets at @rescueplan Twitter page which may answer some of your questions. (Right-click on image to open and enlarge in new tab/window.)

A FINAL THOUGHT & DISCLAIMER: I cannot yet say whether this particular migration to 2mblr will be suitable and efficient (and personally satisfactory) for my blog, MOEP nor whether it will be that way for any other Tumblr blogs already transferred. As I stated earlier, I’m simply trying out this “rescue plan” option. I know from reading the tweets that the staff at 2mblr.com are still at work making improvements to the network – some of which are planned for completion by mid-to-late January 2019. I’m patient because there are other sites I can visit for ‘batespiration (masturbation inspiration). I also intend to concentrate much of my blog hobby time to posting content on this blog, Masculine Perspectives and posting content on my other blog, Real Time.

Good luck!

– Renzo

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5 thoughts on “A Tumblr Blog “Rescue Plan”

  1. Thanks @Renzo from 2mblr staff.

    We are working hard on making the site everything that you want it to be. There’s an Archive feature now. We’ve done a lot of work in the last few days to make blog viewing fast and smooth on phones. Next feature release planned for Monday January 7 is a Follow button and recommendations.

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    • Sweet. Thank you for the update! More importantly, thank you VERY much for visiting ‘Masculine Perspectives’ and leaving a comment…one which gives both me and my readers/followers here an update on your work at 2mblr. I/we appreciate it!! 😊


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