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MP_POTD (04FEB2019)

I did not watch the often-ballyhooed Super Bowl football game. Because I don’t watch football at all, I couldn’t have cared less who played or who won/lost the Super Bowl. Now, if any American football game featured nude/naked male players then perhaps I might be interested and inclined to watch that game.

Aight. Disregard that last sentence. I’m just kidding.

You see, playing American-style football while naked could be very horrible to watch, as penises could get torn off and/or testicles could get crushed; to say nothing of the imminent dangers to the male player’s unprotected head as well as the rest of his unprotected body. Ugh! Just imagining that sort of thing happening to a man is quite disturbing!

Due to the very violent, physically rough contact nature of [American-style] football, I would never recommend any person play that game while nude/naked. Never. The safest aspect of playing with a football – in the nude – with someone else, is simply to play toss and catch – and preferably throwing/catching the football on a softer foundation, like the beach.

– Renzo