MP’s Photo of the Day (51)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (04FEB2019)

I did not watch the often-ballyhooed Super Bowl football game. Because I don’t watch football at all, I couldn’t have cared less who played or who won/lost the Super Bowl. Now, if any American football game featured nude/naked male players then perhaps I might be interested and inclined to watch that game.

Aight. Disregard that last sentence. I’m just kidding.

You see, playing American-style football while naked could be very horrible to watch, as penises could get torn off and/or testicles could get crushed; to say nothing of the imminent dangers to the male player’s unprotected head as well as the rest of his unprotected body. Ugh! Just imagining that sort of thing happening to a man is quite disturbing!

Due to the very violent, physically rough contact nature of [American-style] football, I would never recommend any person play that game while nude/naked. Never. The safest aspect of playing with a football – in the nude – with someone else, is simply to play toss and catch – and preferably throwing/catching the football on a softer foundation, like the beach.

– Renzo

6 thoughts on “MP’s Photo of the Day (51)

    • Uh…no, g. Other than playing toss/catch football on a beach, I would NOT be playing football – while naked – with anyone. Apparently, you either did not read my statement to the posted photo regarding the playing of football while naked or you did not understand it. 😐


  1. An excellent caution, Renzo, and one that I join with you in urging *everyone* to heed. The only other version of American football that I recommend is “touch” flag football using the velcro harnesses(pennys) and then ripping the penny off the velcro. Otherwise, as you wrote, serious manhood damage is possible. Naked hugs and GREAT photo! 🙂

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  2. I dig playing sports completely free of all clothing. It feels better than being clothed and bunched up in a jock strap . . .some of unlike the swinging feeling especially outdoors sports of any kind. Keep it naked nudist brothers . . .I’ll play any game with a bunch a guys as long as we are naked.

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