Renzo’s Randoms (2)

If you [still] have a Tumblr blog and are still getting harassing emails from Tumblr about you posting “adult content” on that blog –  and you have not posted such content there since Tumblr changed their prudish “Community Guidelines” on December 17, 2018, then you’ll feel my fuckstration and understand why I responded the way I did as shown in the screenshot photo.
My Post on Tumblr

4 thoughts on “Renzo’s Randoms (2)

  1. I completely abandoned the tumblr shitplosion the day they enforced restriction. When I receive an email from them, it is deleted by me – unread. Naked hugs (tumblr free & proud of it), my friend Renzo!

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    • Kool, Rog. I think I’ve seen some of your recent “Renude Pride” blog posts on Tumblr (unless I’m mistaken). Perhaps the reason you’ve received emails from Tumblr is either because some of your old previously flagged [Tumblr] posts are still being “liked” and/or your WordPress blog is still linked to Tumblr.

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  2. Their “porn recognition” algorithm is totally shitty. I have never posted any so called “adult content” but they randomly used to flag my post as such. I tried different samples and got the following results: fruits, especially apple and pineapples are extremely vicious and dangerous for the next generations and are flagged as adult content. Shoes: they’re so sexually explicit that we should not be allowed to use them in public anymore. Shoes should be banned from public view according to Tumblr algorithm.
    That IA algorithm is so buggy that I wonder if they could fix it somehow. Probably the team who developed the program is too busy trying to find the proofs that earth is flat that they can’t see besides their own shadows.

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