It’s in the…JEANS! (3)

Featuring images of men who are either wearing, taking off, or simply holding a pair of denim jeans [full length, shorts, or coveralls], regardless of color. Added to the sexiness of a man wearing denim jeans are those particular men who are or who may appear to be freeballing (which I do often when wearing jeans), and whose sockless and properly cared-for feet have on either a flip-flop or a slide type shoe, or when that man is wearing no shoes at all (which in my eyes, is more than perfect if his feet look good), or his feet are shod (sans socks).

MP_It's in the JEANS-1a (City eye candy in jeans)

My, my, my! *sighs* Whew!
And it’s scenes such as this
⬆︎delectable eye candy⬆︎, for why I can’t wait for the summer season to arrive!
– Renzo