Sunday’s Sin (36)

Presenting images which boldly and shamelessly reflect the expressions of natural love, affection, intimacy, sensuality, and bonding between men.

MP Sunday's Sin-1(Meanwhile, in Hell)

Meanwhile, on this Sunday morning
… either in a place called Hell* (where many of the earthly religious have sworn, if not “promised” that non-heterosexuals are destined to go) or perhaps in the dark basement of some local gay club near where you live, this “oh-so-sinful” all-male orgy fest is still happening. You either wish you were still there or very happy that you left.

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Please read my comment about why I referenced the mythical [religious] place called “Hell” in this photo – and my idea of such a place, in the comments section below.
– Renzo

3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sin (36)

  1. I really don’t understand why such a photo would be considered an image of hell. To me, it is more likely an image of a recreation collection of nude men enjoying consensual pleasure – which is not necessarily hellish or immoral! Naked hugs, buddy! 🙂

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    • Thanks for commenting, Roger. An “image of recreation collection of nude men enjoying consensual pleasure” is exactly as I see it too! However, remember why the category “Sunday’s Sin” exists on this blog: (and this info is for those new followers of Masculine Perspectives who don’t know):
      “Content posted in the “Sunday’s Sin” category is in hard defiance of those persons or groups who object or take issue with any act or expression of natural human intimacy between a same-sex couple. The word “sin” used in the Masculine Perspectives category “Sunday’s Sin”, is simply meant to mock those prudish and religious objections.”

      I suggested “Hell” in my comment to the photo because other than the human-fantasized description of “Hell” and what religious people believe (and fear) will supposedly happen there – as noted in the man-written (and quite imperfect) Christian Bible…and perhaps as described in other man-written so-called “holy books”, no one knows for a fact whether a place called “Hell” (nor a place called “Heaven” for that matter) actually exists… or if so, whether Hell is as terrible a place as many have been led …. and still are being led to believe.

      As a former-Christian-turned-agnostic-turned full atheist, I no longer believe in nor do I fear the concept/existence of a place called Hell. As such, I feel I can have fun about that religious place of myth (as I would anything else I believe to be mythical) and feature one, if not several ideas of what “Hell” might be like. I take pleasure that by having such fun, I’m doing so to the great dismay and to the oh-so-serious mindset and ridiculous beliefs of many religious people. I am particularly referring to those individuals who actually believe in and/or much fear the biblical version of that supposed (and mythical) place call and/or referred to as “Hell”, yet who can neither prove nor present any real evidence of the existence of such a place. Naturally, any fantasies or ideas I create in my mind about so-called Hell would be highly sexual in nature. You see, I am a sexual person with a sexual mindset. I am one who happens to shamelessly and unapologetically enjoy healthy sex and sexual situations. I enjoy that a lot, regardless of whether the sex is heterosexual or homosexual in nature.

      Now, for the sake of some pointless theist-vs-atheist argument, let’s say Hell does exist. Then I say, let Hell not be as theists and their man-written religious books of people and mind control and fear say that place is; nor as the theists often exaggerate in their preaching and evangelizing in their efforts to “save” souls, but instead imagine Hell as a place of constant, freely-expressed eroticism and sexual pleasure. Let Hell be a place that’s completely void of any sexual inhibitions, and void of any concerns about the possibility or danger of contracting or transmitting some sexual disease or virus. And let Hell be a place where no inhabitant need have an iota of care as to who pleasures and/or fucks whom.

      CHECK IT: If “Hell” can be imagined (fantasized) by Man as being a place which has fire and brimstone then surely so can that place be imagined as not having fire and brimstone at all but instead one which has: a perfect 73 to 75 degree temperature, areas of blue grass, sandy beaches by an ocean in which no one can possibly drown, along with an ocean-scented breeze, all under a forever sun-set lit sky. “Hell” doesn’t have to be imagined as a place of eternal torment but as a place full of eternal, freely-expressed physically intimate love and affection! I’ve never read in the Christian Bible about freely-expressed physically intimate love and affection waiting for my so-called “soul” (placed in quotations because I do not believe a human has a soul) in that other mythical place mentioned in the Christian Bible called “Heaven”. All I’ve ever read – and had been taught to believe, was how people in “Heaven” will always be there singing and praising God’s/Jesus’ name for all eternity. Ugh. I can only imagine just how fucking boring that would have to be or eventually become! Oh, and I was also taught that in “Heaven” there are “many mansions” and that “Jesus” has gone to “prepare a place for those who love and accept him”.
      Uh-huh. Yeah, right. Sure (*sarcasm*) there are mansions in “Heaven” and sure “Jesus” is preparing (or has prepared) a place for people. This begs at least two questions: First, why are there mansions for people in Heaven? Second, if one is always singing and praising “the Lord”, when will that person have the time to enjoy living in his/her “mansion”?
      *sigh* I digress.

      The Christian Bible says – and perhaps the so-called “holy books” of other religions may also say or have similar descriptions about Hell being a place of eternal “moaning, weeping, and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 13:42). Well, in my fantasy, the only eternal moans I’d want to hear in Hell are those of sexual ecstasy. I’d want people weeping or crying from the joy of great sexual satisfaction. And as for the “gnashing of teeth”? Ha! I’d want that to be from those men or women who gently bite or playfully nibble on the nipples, the ass, and the lower lip of those they are pleasuring!

      Oh, fuck yeah!

      Anyway, thanks for commenting. Naked hugs, buddy! 😎

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      • You’re always on “top” of things, Renzo – which is one of the many reasons I am so enthralled by your postings, photographic and/or written with images. You know how to keep us all with our minds alert and attentive! 🙂 Naked hugs, love and a couple of gentle tugs!

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