MP’s Photo of the Day (61)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (17APR2019)(Yolco Warrior guardian)

Well! Talk about a man looking like a so-called “man’s man”! OMG! This man – whom the artist calls a “Yolco Warrior guardian” (and I don’t know shit about that so don’t ask) may be too much man (if that’s even possible) – or perhaps this man has too much dick (at least for some dudes).

I dunno, fellas. Every guy has his taste – as well as his particular (and peculiar) fetishes and [masturbatory] fantasies; either about being fucked by men who look like the one shown here or fucking such a man. Of course I’m referring to that whole sexual reciprocation thing I talked about a few months ago, as well as some of us guys being the “masculine alpha-type male” which I wrote about (based on myself) recently. I only mentioned the latter because the figure in the artwork speaks that way to me. I can’t help it. I get off on other men who either are, appear to be and/or who show themselves as being as masculine and alpha as myself. I’ve had a number of male sex partners like that; guys who were reciprocal in bed – and who, and in my enjoyable sexual experience, always made the best sex partners [for me].

Now, although this guy is so-o-o-o not my preferred body type, I still have admiration for the work of art itself…which is why I posted it here. (Duh!) And if I were ever to meet such a man, befriended him, liked his personality, and he later told me that he wanted the two of us to kick it in bed? Well then…fuck! I would not turn him down!

Okay, enough commentary. Feast your eyes, gentlemen…. and feel free to rub your crotches. It’s what you’re supposed to do!

– Renzo

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