MP’s Photo of the Day (70)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).MP_POTD (08AUG2019) JO aftermath

While searching my spank bank for the “ideal photo” to use for Masculine Perspectives’ 70th Photo of the Day, I found this one which I’d labeled “JO Aftermath”.
I chose this photo because it not only perfectly reflects a situation which most of us who masturbate can certainly relate to, but also to celebrate – and to promote – the completely natural, healthy, relatively safe, wonderfully feeling, and [usually] solo sexual act of masturbation.

– Renzo

3 thoughts on “MP’s Photo of the Day (70)

  1. Renzo — Of course a handful of jizzm is nice. But, I like to have it squirted inside me anywhere or do the same for another fellow nudist brother . . .Keep ’em cumming — Excellent stuff on here! Naked Johnny

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    • Thanks for commenting, Naked Johnny! 😊
      As for me, I don’t like to see good, warm semen/cum wasted either. I often choose to eat my own after jacking off. Sometimes I’d eat (or smear/wear on my face) the spunk of the guy who I’m blowing. I have a huge thing for cum facials and someday (before I’m too old) hope to experience bukkake! Fuck yeah! 💦😎

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