Saturday’s Options (15)

Only on a very late warm (or hot) summer night, could you quite possibly find a sexy situation – such as that shown in the video clip, happening at one of those self-serving car wash joints positioned in various parts of the city. I can relate to some aspects of this video clip, although I’ve never washed my car – while nude– at any public setting (but most certainly would love to).

Why I Can Relate to the Video Clip –

Many years ago, there were a number of occasions when I too, would wash my car on a late warm (actually, hot) summer’s night at one of the self-serving car wash places in the city where I lived. I’d be half to near naked, wearing nothing but a pair of old, loose-fitting shorts (freeballing as usual) and flip-flops. Whenever I bent over or squatted, my bare brown ass cakes – and the hairy crack of my ass – would show for any on-lookers or passerby people to see. I would do that shit intentionally simply because…well, it was sexy (or sexual) as fuck to me, and because I used to like to publicly tease like that! And my dick would be so hard, too! Sometimes the head of my cock peeked – like my pubes, through the top of the waist band of my shorts. Again, it was a public tease and still considered sexy (or sexual) as fuck in my mind!

Although I’m much older now, and because I’m still a nudist and naturist (that is, a naturist whenever I have a safe opportunity to be naked – or very close to it when I’m outside), I still have moments when I feel like literally showing off my ass (and ass crack). However today, one has to be careful in what one does in public – considering how there are many more cameras around than ever before. And with me being somewhat of a public figure where I live, there are certain things – or rather certain acts, which I should neither be seen, photographed, and certainly never be captured on video, doing.

If you live in a city which has self-serving car wash places, I’d say very late Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are usually the best times to go to those places to wash your car – that is, if you want to be half or near-naked. Rarely is anyone at those places long after nightfall. However, I offer this short word of advice/warning: Unless you are quite certain that there aren’t any security cameras mounted nearby and/or there aren’t police patrolling the area, do not ever get completely naked in those places nor in any other public place.

Enjoy your weekend, fellas!

– Renzo

4 thoughts on “Saturday’s Options (15)

  1. Thank you, Renzo, for a very honest recollection of your past endeavors in teasing and offering a scene that’s quite pleasing! 🙂 I’m certain you were quite the hottie on all those hot summer nights, man! The video clip is exceptional and the dude is obviously proud of highlighting all his “stuff!” 😉
    Congratulations on capturing this provocative eye-full! Naked hugs, buddy!

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    • Me, quite the hottie? Well, I’ve been told for years that I’m handsome (more so now as I was told that I was also then in my younger days). However, I was never one who fully accepted or took such compliments to heart. There’s a long story behind that. Anyway my friend, thank you! 😊

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  2. Hey Nudist Brother Renzo,
    I absolutely worship the guy washing his car. I like the ending when he steps outta the car buck-assed naked out in the open. I do shit like that, its much more difficult these days with cameras places you have no idea, so it has taken away much of my exhibitionists urges, especially outdoors naked. I dig also, answering the door naked and semi-hard, apologizing that “Sorry man, I’m nudist, hope it doesn’t bother you.” I have only had one UPS driver flee after handing me the package in sheer terror (Think he has homophobia prob). Anyway, about 25% will step in and take all clothing off, once they step in (as I’ll say -“C’mon in if you’d like.’) – that’s when I bone up without touching myself and its all sweet naked fun, whatever happens — anal or cock sucking or cock play.
    So let’s keep it Nudist naked men, but heed the “WORDS OF ADVISE” – our nudist brother Renzo gives at end of his missive to his naked men who follow on here.
    Your Nudist Brother, Naked Johnny

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