MP’s Photo of the Day (77)

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MP_POTD (23AUG2019)

Damn. I’m so glad that the Friday workday is over!

As soon I got safely inside the privacy of my home, I immediately kicked off my slide shoes and stripped off my clothes. I’m writing this comment as I sit in my natural nude [and regular] state of relaxation! I feel so much better now… but…my nude relaxation journey for today isn’t over just yet!

You see fellas, it’s been a very long week for me; perhaps it’s been that way for some or most of you, too! After publishing this post, I’m going to surf a few [gay] porn websites for some ‘batespiration! I intend to take my sweet, naked ass time just jacking (masturbating) my hard cock and playing with my sweaty, musky, hairy ass hole; edging for about an hour or so. I deserve to treat myself to such natural erotic and sensuous physical pleasure until I ejaculate and reach orgasm. My mind and body can certainly use and will appreciate the relief!

Here’s to looking forward to a very relaxing evening and weekend!

– Renzo

4 thoughts on “MP’s Photo of the Day (77)

  1. Hey Naked Renzo — Having trouble finding — “Sunday’s Sin (42)” — It says
    unable to find request” ? Anyone else having trouble connecting to this ?
    Keep it naked Renzo – You are an inspiration to us fellow nudists who worship COCK !
    Naked Johnny

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Nudist Brother Renzo, for your explaining the mystery of “Sunday Sin 42′. We (I for certain) appreciated ALL you give us fellow COCK loving nudist men. You put a lot into such exciting posts with the hottest damn pic. Whew. Dig it man.
      Your Nudist brother,
      Naked Johnny

      Liked by 2 people

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