About Masculine Perspectives

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Masculine Perspectives (MP) exists to shamelessly and unapologetically promote the expression, frank discussion, and celebration of matters related to male masculinity, sexuality and sensuality. Masculine Perspectives consists of NSFW/S (Not Safe For Work/School) male erotica and candid discussions of a sexually suggestive or sexually explicit nature. Images posted may include sexually explicit expressions of adult male sensuality and sexuality, though every effort will be made to keep the content posted on Masculine Perspectives as reasonably tasteful as possible but still realistic of human life.

Simply put, Masculine Perspectives is primarily for the adult male – regardless of his sexual orientation, who appreciates viewing the physical form of the human male shown either in nude or semi-nude pose.
                                             ** CONTENT DISCLAIMER **
Unless specifically identified, I neither make nor lay any claim or personal possession of the content posted on Masculine Perspectives (MP). Much of the photo content here is material available on the web (found with the help of internet search engines), collected from various sources such as other blogs and/or websites. Such content has been placed here simply to enhance the purpose of this blog. If you have a copyright ownership on any photo and/or video content posted on this blog, kindly let me know by email and I’ll remove it as soon as possible following proof of or a reference link to that copyright ownership.
As far as I’m concerned, posting warning advisory statements regarding legal age restrictions on blogs and websites like Masculine Perspectives (and my Tumblr blog, Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives [MOEP]) are useless and bullshit. We should just be real about that fact, particularly in an age where anyone can find almost whatever photographic or videographic content they want on the internet. Frankly, for me to post any “legal age restriction” statement on this blog would not necessarily discourage nor could it prevent any under-aged person (under-aged as determined/defined by the laws of a person’s residence) from viewing content posted on this blog. Regardless of age, any person with enough curiosity and/or determination will search for, likely find, and visit blogs and websites containing sexually erotic or explicit content simply because they want to, have the means, and are able to do so. There is no way that I – nor anyone else for that matter, can prevent that. Though a blog or website owner/author/publisher may him/herself be of legal age and have the right and freedom in their area of residence to post sexually suggestive or explicit content on the internet, that fact only makes that blog or website owner/author/publisher responsible for his or her own actions, not those of anyone else.
Now, should you feel the need to chill and relax (what I like to refer to as “chillaxing”) in the naturally healthy and safe sexual activity of solo (or partnered) masturbation while viewing content on this blog, may you do so ever so freely… all while edging and enjoying the scenery inspired by the content posted on Masculine Perspectives.

Thank you for visiting and [hopefully] following the blog!

– Renzo