About ‘Masculine Perspectives’

_Reading MP blog on laptop computer, ctMasculine Perspectives (MP) features the “natural expressions of adult male masculinity, sensuality, and sexuality”.
This is the positioning statement of Masculine Perspectives. It simply means that shameless, unapologetic emphasis is and will be placed and promoted on the natural yet realistic beauty and appearance of the adult male’s physically masculine attributes; attributes as perceived, determined, preferred by, and which favor the personal tastes/likes of the blog owner/author (Renzo Nevada (a pseudonym) – who himself is an adult bisexual male). 

Unless specifically noted, nothing discussed and/or posted either to or in Masculine Perspectives is ever meant to indicate, assume, or imply the sexual orientation of any person or model featured. Furthermore, no negative or disparaging opinion is meant, implied, nor adversely held with regard to age, race, ethnicity, and/or any physical appearance or form not expressively shown or represented in Masculine Perspectives, nor that of any particular sexual behavioral characteristic or attributes either of or on any particular level, degree, or nature.

In addition to images of adult male erotica, Masculine Perspectives features discussion topics and/or comments of a candid sexually suggestive or explicit nature as it relates to adult male sensuality and sexuality. Such discussion topics either will or may include the personal experiences, opinions, or fantasies of the blog owner/author, as well as the sharing of his known and/or witnessed experiences. An effort will be made in every instance to keep content posted on Masculine Perspectives reasonably tasteful yet realistic as it pertains to the natural sexual and sensual life of the non-heterosexual and the sexually fluid adult male.

Due to the nature and featured content of Masculine Perspectives, visitors and viewers of this blog should be of legal age (age 18 or older) in their state, province, or country of residence. Furthermore, this blog is classified NSFW/NSFS (not safe for work/not safe for school). As such, viewing this blog in places of one’s employment or academia is strongly ill-advised.

Lastly but most importantly is this reminder: 
Masculine Perspectives is a personal blog; one specifically created by and for the blog owner/author simply as a creative outlet and means of his sexual expression.

Thank you for visiting!

– Renzo

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                                             ** CONTENT DISCLAIMER **
Unless specifically identified, I neither make nor lay any claim or personal possession of the content posted on Masculine Perspectives (MP). Much of the photo content here is material available on the web (found with the help of internet search engines), collected from various sources such as other blogs and/or websites. Such content has been placed here simply to enhance the purpose of this blog. If you have a copyright ownership on any photo and/or video content posted on this blog, kindly let me know by email and I’ll remove it as soon as possible following either proof of or a reference link to that copyright ownership.