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MP_POTD (27AUG2019) beautiful pube bush)

One of the sweetest things which many of us men (especially those of us who love men) love most about the warm days in the spring, summer, and fall/autumn seasons, is our opportunity to see all kinds of human eye candy on the street. Take the scene in this photo for example…which of course qualifies as an excellent “That Moment When…” type of situation.

You see this handsome guy on the street and can’t help but take notice of how he’s dressed. Obviously, he’s freeballing. (Sweet!) He sees that your eyes are aimed down at his waist. He’s such a tease yet chooses to play dumb when he says to you in a gruff manner:
What the fuck you staring at?
You look up at him, smile, and say…
I’m simply admiring that well-kept pubic bush you’ve got, brutha; and how you seem proud showing off part of it.
He smirks at you, strokes his beard as he nods his head, and says…

Aight… cool. Well, there’s more to see below … that is, if you’re interested.
To which you say…

But of course I’m interested. Lead the way!

– Renzo 

MP Fiction: Patience Has Its Reward

Patience_Its Reward-1Your straight best friend James was just showing off today; sharing with you all the details about how he done boned the hell out of that seemingly stuck-up babe you both met at the pub two nights ago. Never mind the fact that she wouldn’t give you any play when you tried talking to her. You suspect that was probably because she got a vibe that you weren’t completely into her – or at least not into any woman with an obvious attitude. Fuck how you hate women (and men too) who are like that, but hey; it’s all good. You figured you’d try to hook up with that very hot male barkeep named Adam who kept giving you the eye (and way too many free tequila shots) throughout the night.

Shortly after James left with that stuck-up bitch of a woman at pub closing time, you and that hot barkeep, Adam (whose name and tight, hairless bubble butt you’ll never forget) had a damn good suck ‘n fuck session in the pub manager’s office. Patience_Its Reward-1bYou entertained the thought that compared to your buddy James, and that nasty woman he took home, it was likely that you and Adam got the better deal…at least sex-wise. You think to yourself, “Straight men who have never had sex with men really don’t know all the sexual pleasures they’re missing because truthfully, only a man knows how to fully and completely sexually please another”. Yeah, that’s a truth you decide you’ll have to blog about later.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It’s seven o’clock Monday morning. You and James are off work on Mondays and, as usual for the past few years, the two of you meet each other at the community running track for your weekly morning jog/run/walk exercise. During the warm-down walk around the track, James starts telling you his tale about her – that stuck-up woman he picked up from the pub Saturday night. (Her name isn’t important which is why you forgot it the moment it fell from his lips.) James goes on and on about the firmness of her tits and ass, the tightness of her pussy, and how it would grip his big dick at each piston stroke he gave her. He boasts how he had made her come three times– gushing pussy juice all over the bed between eating – then fucking – her pussy. He says the pussy was damn good but complains that her one drawback was that she wasn’t good at giving head.

“Man, that bitch was all teeth!”, said James. “And since she can’t give good head, I’m done with her!“

You chuckle at hearing this, remembering how often James tells you just how particular he is about getting his dick sucked. Sweet.

As you listen more intently, you realize that the details he shares about the woman he sexed over the weekend are indeed sexy as fuck. Then again, James has a certain way of putting an erotic spin on almost everything he talks about. It’s a skill you and he share – and perhaps one of the many reasons why the two of you enjoy talking to each other. So, you didn’t mind when he glanced down at your groin and noticed that growing boner in your running shorts. From the many sex stories James has shared with you over the last few years, he usually shared such stories as the two of you did your walk-down around the track. Surely, he must have noticed the hard-on in your running shorts, particularly since you freeballed, wearing not so much as a jockstrap underneath which always caused your dick to bounce freely when you jogged or walked. Maybe because James really is that straight – or at least portrays to be, which could be why he never once said anything…not even to give you a friendly “no-homo” tease about your boner. Perhaps he’s thinking that if he says something…if he says anything about your jawn, it would mean he noticed way too much – and that in itself could be a bit awkward.

It suddenly occurs to you that you’re putting way too much thought into the natural function of your penis. You realize that in all the time you and James have known each other and whenever he’d spin one of his highly sexually erotic stories of some female conquest of his, he’s never once made mention – nor poked fun, as most guys tend to do to each other, about your obvious erection. Besides, assuming James did notice the front of your jogging shorts poking out, it could very likely signify to him just how much you were enjoying listening to his… sexcapades. Knowing you’re bisexual – and probably long suspecting that you’ve got a sexual thing for him too, James plays off noticing the erection in your running shorts as he continues telling his wild and sexy story. Then James stops walking on the running track, causing you to stop walking too.

Patience_Its Reward-2a“Bruh, I know you’ve just been dying to see what I’ve been working with and what the ladies love.” “Check it out…” he says, as he pulls back one part of his yellow shorts to reveal through the mesh…. it.

You can’t help but glance down at it, gasp, and utter to yourself (in what you thought was a low whisper)…“Daaaayum”.
Even in its limp or flaccid site, James’ dick is awesome as fuck; looking just as you had hoped – in your masturbatory fantasies of him– it would look like.
Wait. Did you just say that out loud? Oh fuck! Yes, the fuck you did! A feeling of embarrassment rushes over your face. Yet, you can’t stop staring at his blessed thick manhood as you think to yourself… “There ought to be a law or something against Nature creating such fine men then cursing them with such a beautifully heavy, uh… appendage… to carry.”

Patience_Its Reward-2bAs you and James resume your walk around the track, your mind starts to imagine you telling him how much you’d love to at least cop a feel of that thick “middle leg” of his; to get just one nice grip of that wonderful man-meat. You hesitate to say a word because you know damn well that were you to merely touch it…to grip and hold it in your hand…even if all you did was merely rub the back of your hand against his dick through the mesh netting of his jogging shorts, you’d want to do more…oh so much more! So, no… you think to yourself. Just touching or slightly feeling James’ fine dick won’t be enough for you. You’re going to want to taste it… to suck on it, too. And knowing just how much you love an attractive dick/cock, you’d want to keep on sucking on James’ dick because you know that the moment you’re allowed to hold it….once you get your lips around his wonderful thick flaccid penis…feeling it grow to its long hardness inside your mouth, you won’t be able to let go.

Your mental fantasy continues as you imagine taking deep in your mouth his beautiful thick cock; pressing your nose against his black curly-haired pubic mound then later against his hairy musky ball sack. You can’t help but inhale in the strong, sweaty musk of his pubes and his balls which after running several laps, are moist from being trapped in those nylon shorts. Oh yes; sucking James’ dick – or letting him skull-fuck you, would feel so fuckin’ good and so fuckin’ …. natural.

Patience_Its Reward-3Your fantasy of blowing James right there on the running track enhances as you imagine his cock erupting, filling your mouth with that familiar bittersweet taste of man-spunk; some of his seed spilling from a corner of your lips. Oh, yeah; going down on James will be more of a treat; perhaps more for you than for him…or so you’d like to think. You’d want all of James’ dick. At this point of the fantasy, you feel your own dick leaking precum.

You switch the fantasy to where James pulls out of the skull-fucking he’s giving you, roughly turns you over, grabs you by the waist and thighs, orders you to bend over and arch your back, then pulls down your jogging shorts, as he spits on – then tongues – your hairy ass hole before shoving his cum-covered hard cock between your sweaty butt cheeks. Your body readily and most easily complies as you take a deep breath from this anal invasion. Patience_Its Reward-3cThe head of James’ dick has found your opening as it slowly enters in, followed quickly by what feels to you like the never-ending long shaft of his engorged manhood. He’s entering ever so deeply into your moist, relaxed, now-surely fucked manhole. You feel the full length of James’s dick in your tight ass as he begins to slowly perform that deep-in and partially out piston motion you so greatly love when you bottom. You can’t help but whisper loudly in this fantasy …“Oh yeah, you sexy muthafucka!” My ass and body are yours! Fuck, how you feel so damn good inside me. Yes, my fyne brotha…fuck me. FUCK ME!!!”

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While this erotic scene plays quickly in your mind, James’ deep baritone voice shakes you back to reality as he says chuckling,
“Hey, g. I knew you’d like what you saw if I showed it to you. But damn, bruh, snap out of it. If you could see the look on your face right now!”

That small bit of embarrassment you felt earlier quickly fades because you know your friend gets it. After all, how did James expect you’d react to seeing his handsome dick… something he’s never before shown you? Still, the way he looks at you…smiling and chuckling, suggests that he not only noticed your surprise reaction when he pulled back the corner of his shorts to show you “what he’s working with and what the ladies love”to use his words… but that he also clearly heard you gasp at its appearanceAlthough you and James are the only two people on the running track, you can’t but wonder whether anyone else might have seen what you just did.

James again stops walking to put his arm around your shoulder, gives you a quick hug and says…
“It’s all good, bruh. I understand. I dig the fact that you dig me sexually and hey; it’s all good. Frankly, I’m flattered. And just so you know, in the few years we’ve known each other, hung out together, have been cool friends and all that, I’ve always appreciated how you never once made a move on me… though I can’t say I’ve never wondered why.

You tell him: “Well, that’s because I like and respect you as a friend, bruh. And I happen to respect our friendship more than any physical or sexual desire I might have for you. I’m sure you’ve long suspected that I’m sexually attracted to you. If not, well…fuck it, now you know. And though you’re cool with me being bi, it’s no reason for me to take advantage of our friendship by making a pass. Fuck, g; Been there, done that back when I was young, ignorant, and didn’t know any better. I try not to make the same mistakes twice. So yeah, I’m not going to intentionally say or do anything which I think might or possibly could fuck up our friendship; which in my mind, is a damn good friendship.”

“It’s all good.” says James.
“Listen, bruh. I may be straight but that doesn’t mean that I’m not human. Fuck, let’s just be honest. Aight? Sometimes I jack off thinking about you and me getting down; just us two homies who happened to like, respect, and trust each other. I’ve imagined us busting a nut together – either while jacking off while we watched porn – gay porn, that is. Perhaps if we’re both feeling freaky, especially after we’ve had a few drinks or smoking some weed, we could kick a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ with each other. Know what I’m sayin’, g?”

“Really, James?”, you say…trying not to sound too excited. “Well, damn! I’ve jacked off several times to fantasies about us kicking it, too! In fact, I just had one hot fantasy the moment you showed me your dick. Uh…if that doesn’t gross you out or anything…”

“Naw, g. I kinda figured you must have taken some kind of mind-trip somewhere on that level. I mean… the expression on your face when you saw my dick – then hearing what sounded you swallowing your tongue, gave away whatever was going through that mind of yours! And check out that wet spot in your shorts.” says James, letting out a hearty laugh.

You look down at your crotch. You knew you were leaking precum during your quick fantasy about James but didn’t think you had leaked so much as to have it show through the front of your shorts.

“Well, you caused that to happen, James; with you telling your sexy ass stories AND showing me your nice-looking dick too! Damn. I – or rather my dick – couldn’t help itself!”, you say chuckling.

It’s all good, g. Look; don’t get me wrong; I still like and prefer women…and I’m almost pretty sure I’m not bi or anything. But fuck; maybe I am. Who the fuck knows and why the fuck should anyone but me care? I like sex. Aight? And, though I’ve never kicked it with a guy, that doesn’t mean I won’t try it…I mean, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been curious about trying it…at least with the right guy. You feel me?” , he says with a wink.

“Yeah, James. I feel you. And just so you know, you never have to label your sexuality nor ever justify to anyone what you like, enjoy, and/or choose to do sexually. It’s your business…and of course, the business of whomever you choose to get down with. As I said, I believe human sexuality is fluid…a subject we’ve talked about before.”

 James says, “See, bruh? That’s one of the reasons why I like you. You’re so open-minded and deep!” “Hey”, continues James, pointing down to his erection and the wet spot on the side of his jogging shorts. “Would you look at that? Now we’re both hard and leaking just talking about sex and I’m fucking horny. If you’re willing, how ‘bout we finish our morning exercise… in bed?

Recalling that hot fantasy you had earlier, quickly you respond…
“Sweet. Your place or mine?”
MP Sunday's Sin-15
Oh yes…patience does indeed have its reward.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
– Renzo

Eye Candy: Watching Men’s Soccer

Men's Soccer phGallery_1For those of you who love and/or play the sport of soccer, and/or whose kids play on a high school soccer team, or whose male relatives play for their college and/or local men’s soccer team (like my son), you may be enjoying watching the FIFA World Cup* competition whose coverage is currently being broadcast on television. Click here for schedule of matches(Check local and cable TV sports listings for broadcast times).

Perhaps you love watching men’s soccer teams from around the world compete against each other. Many of those teams have beautiful and attractive young men. When not watching the game on television, perhaps you enjoy watching a college or university’s men’s soccer team or some professional men’s soccer team in your area compete, if not both. Perhaps you don’t particularly like watching soccer at all, which is just fine

If any or all of the above is true, I’ve created a slideshow photo gallery which features some examples of likely-to-occur happenings by some of the players on the soccer field. (Included are a few not-so-likely-to-occur happenings on the soccer field simply to spike that thing throbbing between your legs.) A number of straight, gay, bisexual, and MSM (men/males who have sex with men/males) men who watch televised men’s soccer games and/or who attend the games played in their area, enjoy the eye candy. May this article – and the photos in it, inspire you to seek the same visual pleasures.
Enjoy the slideshow!


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*NOTE: The FIFA World Cup, often and simply called the World Cup, is a quadrennial (meaning, it’s held every four years) international football [soccer] tournament. It is contested by the senior men’s national teams of the members of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport’s global governing body. Except in years 1942 and 1946 (when it was not held because of World War II), the championship tournament has been held every four years since its inauguration in 1930. The current champion is Germany, which won its fourth title at the 2014 tournament in Brazil.

As of this writing, the 2018 (and 21st) FIFA World Cup is currently ongoing in Russia (it started June 14th). It will end with the final match scheduled to be held July 15th. The United States did not meet qualifying requirements to compete in the 2018 World Cup. (Click here to learn why.)

UPDATE: Check this out from

– Renzo