Sunday’s Sin (14)

Presenting images which boldly and shamelessly reflect the expressions of natural love, affection, intimacy, sensuality, and bonding between men.

MP Sunday's Sin-9

Saturday’s Options (5)

MP SatOpts-5 (with friend or partner)

Consider spending the day chillaxin’ with either your best friend, your lover/partner, or with that fuck buddy/friend with benefits who is just as intellectual as you are.
– Renzo

Saturday’s Options (4)

MP SatOpts-3 (game play with a buddy)

Any time, on any given Saturday, is an excellent time to enjoy staying naked all day, next to your partner or fuck buddy, playing and enjoying video games.
– Renzo

Saturday’s Options (2)

MP SatOpts-2 (Netflix & chill)
Netflix and chill

Definition: An internet slang term used as an invitation to watch Netflix together and is often used as a euphemism to have sex, either between partners or casually as a “booty call” (have sex).
Example: “Hey, John (or Jill), you wanna come over to my place tonight? We can, you know… Netflix and chill.”

If you didn’t know the meaning of this term before, you do now. (You’re welcome.)
Now, try to plan your future Saturday evening activities accordingly.
Have fun!

– Renzo