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MP_POTD (22NOV2019)(beautiful feet)

While not a fetish of mine (like hairy armpits on men I find attractive) nor a kink, I am a sucker for an attractive guy who has what I’d consider as being “well-cared-for feet“. I tend to check out the feet of such men who I see are barefoot or wearing either flip-flop or slide shoes. I consider a man’s feet as being “well-cared-for” if his feet appear clean and well-pedicured. A pedicure procedure – which many men either prefer to do themselves or get done professionally, includes thoroughly cleaning the feet, neatly and properly trimming the toenails, and smoothing the heels and soles of the feet.

I prefer to be barefoot whenever possible. Since I love wearing flip-flops and slide shoes during the warm and cooler months of the year, I am very self-conscious about how my feet look, especially in public. Since my teens, I’ve always done my own pedicures and anything else I can to take care of my feet and keep them looking and feeling good. Such has long been an important aspect of my physical self-maintenance routine and practice of personal hygiene and shall continue to be, even as I begin to enter my 60s.

If a male sexual partner of mine has [what I consider] clean and “well-cared-for feet“, I will give his feet some oral attention in bed. Sucking the toes and licking the soles of my male sex partners who have clean and attractive or “pretty” feet is simply one of the pleasurable and erotic acts I like to perform.

– Renzo

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