MP’s Photo of the Day (79)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (27AUG2019) beautiful pube bush)

One of the sweetest things which many of us men (especially those of us who love men) love most about the warm days in the spring, summer, and fall/autumn seasons, is our opportunity to see all kinds of human eye candy on the street. Take the scene in this photo for example…which of course qualifies as an excellent “That Moment When…” type of situation.

You see this handsome guy on the street and can’t help but take notice of how he’s dressed. Obviously, he’s freeballing. (Sweet!) He sees that your eyes are aimed down at his waist. He’s such a tease yet chooses to play dumb when he says to you in a gruff manner:
What the fuck you staring at?
You look up at him, smile, and say…
I’m simply admiring that well-kept pubic bush you’ve got, brutha; and how you seem proud showing off part of it.
He smirks at you, strokes his beard as he nods his head, and says…

Aight… cool. Well, there’s more to see below … that is, if you’re interested.
To which you say…

But of course I’m interested. Lead the way!

– Renzo 

MP’s Photo of the Day (78)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (26AUG2019)

I never could long stare at nor maintain my throbbing rock-hard cock/dick without me feeling the need, the urge and the desire to do something with it! Believe me, I’ve tried! (Oh boy, have I tried!) I’m sure all my fellow dick swingers have had this experience…several times over!

And just looking at your dick in that…uh,
state of fuck-readiness, won’t make it instantly leak precum (although, depending on your state of horniness, your hard or soft cock/dick may eventually leak some if not a huge amount of precum), won’t make it ejaculate (cum), nor will it give or cause you to have an orgasm. A man’s erect penis is like a dog that constantly stares up at its master: it’s begging for attention! Seriously.
So the question is:
Why the fuck is this dude staring at his handsome boner?

Now, if I saw this guy staring at his hard cock (because I’d be staring at it too!), I’d boldly tell him, “Hey bruh…either you take care of that yourself or I’d be very happy to do it for you!”

– Renzo

Renzo’s Randoms (3)

“Renzo, what happened to the “Sunday’s Sin (42)” pic/post?”
Thanks for asking! Here’s a (rather detailed) explanation:What Happened to the Photo_article pic1 (CT, laptop)-FL

This past Sunday evening I took down the photo in the published post for “Sunday’s Sin (42)”. I decided to take it down when I realized that one of the persons in the photo – whom I thought was a young male bottom taking dick, was in fact, a young female or so that person appeared to me to be. At a closer inspection of the photo I could see the outline form of female breasts and that the earring in her (?) ear was the kind which I doubted a male person would wear.

I realized that the photo probably wouldn’t have made much if any difference to some readers/visitors of Masculine Perspectives. And, if I were not such a perfectionist where this blog is concerned, I would have left the published post intact. The fact is, I am who I am…and Masculine Perspectives – while being a hobby of sorts, is an important project to me. Considering the measure of work and effort I put into making this blog what it is (as well as several other things I still have planned to do with it), my conscience as a creator simply wouldn’t let me keep that published post here, therefore I deleted it.

CHECK IT (and this is specifically for anyone reading this blog or who saw that post who without knowing me on any personal level, might in some way think or assume that I hate/don’t like women or worse, am a misogynist – or was being misogynistic – when I deleted the photo. Nothing could be farther from the truth!):
What Happened to the Photo_article pic2I am a masculine bisexual man; one who, on the physical, sexually, emotionally levels, happens to sometimes like and respect women as I do men. However, I do not want to feature on Masculine Perspectives any images of women nor images of male-to-female erotica nor intimate acts. Perhaps someday, when I either write, repost, and/or share an article discussing bisexuality or some article which is related to the subject of bisexuality, I may feature a couple of photos of two men and a woman shown in an intimate act for illustrative purposes. (Click here and here to read two articles on bisexuality I wrote on my other blog.) However, outside of that likely one exception, such images are simply not intended for Masculine Perspectives. In my view, this makes Masculine Perspectives unique from other blogs that are owned/operated by other bisexual men (and women) who choose to feature erotica and/or porn featuring adult men and women in sexually intimate acts or pose.

The purpose and the intent of Masculine Perspectives is to recognize and celebrate the adult masculine male and adult masculine male erotica. Since its beginning Masculine Perspectives – in addition to my authored/written content here, has always featured (in no particular order) images of [presumably masculine] men who exhibit:
– adult maleness;
– adult male sexuality and male sensuality (particularly when shown to be happening with other adult males);
– adult male-to-male intimacy;
– the adult male physical form (particularly yet unapologetically that which is to my personally preferred body type(s) and/or liking);
– adult male physical attributes (e.g., facial and body hair, genitals, buttocks, large(r) hands and/or feet, et al);
… and this blog also features images of adult males who, in my view, either are or who appear to be in (what I consider) in masculine form, masculine clothing or style of dress, and/or masculine pose.

As noted on the ‘About’ page of this blog:
“Unless specifically noted, nothing discussed and/or posted either to or in Masculine Perspectives is ever meant to indicate, assume, or imply the sexual orientation of any person or model featured. Furthermore, no negative or disparaging opinion is meant, implied, nor adversely held with regard to age, race, ethnicity, and/or any physical appearance or form not expressively shown or represented in Masculine Perspectives, nor that of any particular sexual behavioral characteristic or attributes either of or on any particular level, degree, or nature.

Having said that, I neither will offer nor make any apologies for myself being masculine and a masculine person, nor for celebrating that beloved characteristic of myself, nor for my preference, appreciation, and respect both of and for male masculinity itself.

What Happened to the Photo_article pic3 (GiF)Furthermore, being that Masculine Perspectives is the primary venue I specifically created and use for expressing my sexual self, interests, gained knowledge and wisdom, experiences, and even a few sexual fantasies to the world, just about everything featured here is, at least to some degree or another, an extension of my sexual self with regard to my being a normal, sexual human (and masculine) male first, then as a person who simply happens to be bisexual – and in that bisexuality, one who sexually favors men more than women. Readers can consider Masculine Perspectives as being a reflection of the “gay side” of my bisexuality – if that makes better sense.

Finally, to maintain numerical continuity, you will indeed see another “Sunday’s Sin (42)in the future. The photo(s) under that title will, of course, be different from that which some of you saw earlier (and recently deleted from the blog).

I hope this addresses any questions/concerns on the matter. Thanks for understanding and, as usual, I appreciate each of you following and supporting Masculine Perspectives!

– Renzo

MP’s Photo of the Day (77)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (23AUG2019)

Damn. I’m so glad that the Friday workday is over!

As soon I got safely inside the privacy of my home, I immediately kicked off my slide shoes and stripped off my clothes. I’m writing this comment as I sit in my natural nude [and regular] state of relaxation! I feel so much better now… but…my nude relaxation journey for today isn’t over just yet!

You see fellas, it’s been a very long week for me; perhaps it’s been that way for some or most of you, too! After publishing this post, I’m going to surf a few [gay] porn websites for some ‘batespiration! I intend to take my sweet, naked ass time just jacking (masturbating) my hard cock and playing with my sweaty, musky, hairy ass hole; edging for about an hour or so. I deserve to treat myself to such natural erotic and sensuous physical pleasure until I ejaculate and reach orgasm. My mind and body can certainly use and will appreciate the relief!

Here’s to looking forward to a very relaxing evening and weekend!

– Renzo

MP’s Photo of the Day (76)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (22AUG2019)

My… my… my! Now THIS photo – which happens to be one of my top favorites in the male hairy armpit category of Masculine Perspectives, represents what I am into! Fuck yes!!!

Armpit fetishism is also known as maschalagnia, which is a partialism meaning that a person is sexually attracted to armpits. Such is my fetish… one which I’ve had – and have enjoyed, since puberty. However, my armpit fetish is specifically for hirsute or hairy armpits on men – and then only for those men whom I find sexy and physically attractive. I won’t apologize for having that particular preference; it simply is what it is!

I feel it important to note that I find absolutely nothing wrong with guys who prefer to shave their armpits or who, for whatever reason, naturally have or choose to have hairless armpits. It simply is not a deal breaker with me (nor do I feel it should it be for anyone else). I simply prefer to see hair on an attractive man’s armpits. And the hairier that man’s armpits, the deeper my appreciation, my lust, and fuck, sometimes my thirst for his armpits!

– Renzo

That Moment When…

… that look of lust in your friend’s eyes tell you that he’s getting so-o-o-o laid tonight!
TMW_the lustful look in his eyes say everything

MP’s Photo of the Day (72)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (12AUG2019)

Oh, don’t you just love seeing a beautiful man sleeping naked (especially if he’s on your couch)? Just to be in that room where your eyes can absorb the beauty that is the human male form. To appreciate the sight of such a fine, warm human male body resting comfortably, uncovered, and in its most natural state of complete nudity. It is a comfort which, in the right environment, only complete nudity can and does offer! (As a nudist, I know well of such comfort!) And to see that man with his fully erect cock; possibly erect due to the many sexually pleasurable dreams running through his mind as he sleeps! Ahhhh.
Such a scene is certainly and quite simply…beautiful! I could – and would – stare at such a man for hours on end.

– Renzo