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MP_POTD (26AUG2019)

I never could long stare at nor maintain my throbbing rock-hard cock/dick without me feeling the need, the urge and the desire to do something with it! Believe me, I’ve tried! (Oh boy, have I tried!) I’m sure all my fellow dick swingers have had this experience…several times over!

And just looking at your dick in that…uh,
state of fuck-readiness, won’t make it instantly leak precum (although, depending on your state of horniness, your hard or soft cock/dick may eventually leak some if not a huge amount of precum), won’t make it ejaculate (cum), nor will it give or cause you to have an orgasm. A man’s erect penis is like a dog that constantly stares up at its master: it’s begging for attention! Seriously.
So the question is:
Why the fuck is this dude staring at his handsome boner?

Now, if I saw this guy staring at his hard cock (because I’d be staring at it too!), I’d boldly tell him, “Hey bruh…either you take care of that yourself or I’d be very happy to do it for you!”

– Renzo

Being both Masculine and Alpha

_RFX, Renzo nude, goatee, armpit, pierced nippleThere are pockets in U.S. society which either want or would prefer that people look down on a guy who is masculine and/or who has an “alpha” type personality; as though being one or being both is supposed to be some negative, bad, and perhaps dangerous thing. Well, fuck people who either think like that or want to believe that sort of thing! It’s not my fault that such people can neither understand nor accept the kind of men (like me) who happened to be both.

Men like us will neither be guilted into nor shamed for being who we are. We will never feel obligated to somehow “tone down” our measure of masculinity, masculine demeanor, nor any “alpha-type” personality we may happened to have due to the sensitive and/or insecure nature or feelings of other people. Furthermore, I am only qualified to assess and take comfort in and with my own level or measure of masculinity and personality type. It’s never my place to assess and/or judge that of another man. I believe society would be better off if they’d simply follow my position on this.

I recently tweeted this:
RFX Tweet (12APR2019)-3Among a host of other things I attribute to the “me” that I am, my self-confidence, both my psychological stability and sexual security and comfort, my leadership and managerial skills, my strength, patience, love, and concern as a father, how I choose or prefer to interact with other people, my management of stress and personal health, and my very ability to live, travel, and survive in this country and in the world itself, is all based simply and exactly to my being – and remaining – the kind of person that I am and have long been. I’m good with that! Any psychologically and/or emotionally insecure, fearful, and/or intimidated motherfucker who doesn’t like it will simply have to deal with it because the man that I am will not change for their benefit. 

– Renzo

*DILF: Justin Bieber

[Dick Spit No. 2017-05] Aight. I admit it: Among many of the adult male and female human beings I find attractive – both physically and intellectually, included among them is an attraction for younger males; guys who – ideally and preferably, look or at least appear to be between the ages of say, 20 through 25. Of course, there are a number of beautiful-looking teen-aged boys who range in ages 17 to 19 years old but I have absolutely no psychological or sexual interest in them. I have a skill and a strong mindset to instinctively and automatically ignore, not pursue, and certainly not flirt or mess with any male whom I know or even remotely suspect is a minor, nor with any male who happens to appear and/or behave that young. Uh-huh. Nope. I know jail bait when I can see or sense it! (More about potential jail bait later.)

Here’s the thing: I know physical human beauty when I see it. Still, at my age I prefer, would continue to pursue and have sex with, and – should the opportunity ever present itself, date guys who are physically and/or (preferably) intellectually in the age group of mid-30s and up. My cutoff of that pursuit would probably be guys who are in their mid-to-late 60s since I prefer not to sex or date any man who is ten or more years older than me. I understand that some people may or will disagree with my reasoning and I’m fine with that.

Now, on to my thoughts about Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber-1 (age 21,underwear, sleep, inked)
Let me make clear for the record that I do not personally know Canadian singer and songwriter Justin Bieber. I wouldn’t mind meeting him but I’m neither a fan, listener, nor collector of his work. It’s not that his music is “too young” for me (it is) but his work simply has never appealed to me musically.

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1, 1994. As of this blog article that makes him 23 years old. When Justin became “legal aged” a few years earlier, I saw a number of nasty and disparaging things on social media said about the young man. Justin Bieber-2 (nude)Such comments all came from same-gender-loving (SGL) men. Those guys were each entitled to their opinions about Justin but I can’t recall reading a comment from any one of them which said that given a chance, they would sleep with Justin. Now, I suppose during the course of Justin’s career, some of his actual and alleged negative activities brought a lot of the harsh attitudes he receives upon himself. Still, since I don’t know the man nor am I part of his inner circle and environment, I can’t put much if any stock or belief in half the shit I read about him on social media and in the tabloids. Frankly, I don’t care how Justin chooses to live and conduct his life. I don’t care so long as he isn’t directly hurting anyone or doing anything which would or which might negatively impact or burden general society.

The bottom line:
Justin Bieber-3 (fapping GIF) Regardless of how any SGL man might feel about Justin Bieber, if given the opportunity there are some of us – myself shamelessly included, who wouldn’t mind fucking him. I just feel we ought to be seriously real and honest with ourselves about that.

– Renzo

(*Dudes I’d Like to Fuck (DILF) is part of a Masculine Perspectives series.)

The New Blog, Masculine Perspectives!

Re-introducing the new blog, Masculine Perspectives! Check it out, read a few things, and follow the blog. I’d appreciate it. Thank you!
– Renzo


Saggers: My Love-Hate Mindset

Saggers_Love-Hate photo1We’ve all seen them: guys, usually between the ages of teens to (most sadly) their late 30s (and hopefully not older) who sag or low-ride their trousers (long or short) in public. Sagging or low-riding is a manner of wearing trousers, jeans, and pants (e.g. khakis, chinos, et al) which sag so that the top of the trousers and jeans, et al, are significantly positioned below the waist, sometimes revealing much of the wearer’s underwear (if any are worn). Men who sag in this manner or style of dress are called saggers or low-riders.

Sagging is predominantly a male fashion. A female’s wearing of low-rise jeans to reveal their G-string underwear is not generally described as sagging. Sagging, a much younger man’s fashion trend, originated in or around the mid-to-late 1990s. The trend still exists (unfortunately) as a popular part of fashion for many young men today. I think it’s shameful, if not self-embarrassing for any man older than say, age 29, to sag his trousers in public…unless of course, he’s at a beach.

Saggers_Love-Hate photo4

I have a psychological love-hate mindset regarding young guys who sag their trousers or jeans in public. I call it a love-hate mindset because depending hugely on whether I find the sagger himself physically attractive – and especially if he is or appears to be freeballing (i.e., not wearing underwear), I’m often sexually aroused by what I see. It’s nothing but pure sexual lust on my part whenever I see whom I consider a handsome guy dressed in trousers, jeans, khakis, or chinos, and who in my assessment, has a nice-looking ass; one that’s covered either by a pair of underwear briefs, boxer-briefs, or a jockstrap. That scene – and my sexual arousal – is made all the better when I notice that the guy isn’t wearing underwear, thus allowing to show a patch of pubic hair below his abdomen and/or the crack or split of his butt. And I find tan lines on a guy’s behind especially sweet. Any number of sexually erotic things can cross my mind at that particular moment, especially if I’m horny. This explains the love part of my love-hate mindset about saggers.

Saggers_Love-Hate photo3The hate part of my love-hate mindset about saggers is when I see nothing at all physically attractive about the person whose sagging. I’m just not aroused. Instead in that moment, I may be a bit disgusted by the sight of seeing that person not wear his trousers properly while in public.

CHECK IT: I can’t give a better explanation of my love-hate mindset and position about guys who sag their trousers in public. It simply is what it is. Now, I don’t care if a guy sags his trousers as a guest in my home or in their own home. Fuck, I do that too! In fact, I think many of us guys sag at home or at a friend’s house – simply as a matter of personal comfort.

I don’t expect many readers to understand or even to agree with my love-hate mindset or position about men who sag their trousers in public but then, they don’t have to.

– Renzo

Men and Leather Attire

[Dick Spit No. 2017-02] I must admit; I am not into leather attire or leather gear as an erotic or sexual thing. I don’t mind men (or women) who like that sort of thing and choose to wear leather attire or gear. I simply have never understood its supposed erotic appeal, particularly as it relates to sex and/or to a man’s maleness, masculinity, or his sexual prowess. Occasionally however, I do find a few erotic photos of men wearing some kind of leather attire or gear who, quite pleasantly, look quite sexy … just like the guy in the photo! Enjoy!
– RenzoSexy CT in leather attire

Back In The Day: A Book of ‘Batespiration

The Year: 1983
Subject: Working Out: The Total Shape-Up Guide for Men
(by Charles Hix)

WO_bought in 1983, kept for 34 yrs
Regardless of their sexual orientation, Working Out: The Total Shape Up Guide for Men was probably one of a number ‘batespiration* tools for many young teens and men. It certainly was for me.

I remember seeing Working Out on display in a shopping mall bookstore in San Diego, California. The sexy model photographed on the soft book cover had caught my eye, piqued my [sexual] interest, and made my dick twitch in the jeans in which I had been freeballing. (I freeball in my jeans often). I picked up the book to thumb through it. After looking at some of the photos I remember thinking, “Boy oh boy! Ohhhh…yes!”

The 1983 original/first published edition of Working Out wasn’t a hardback but had a firm cardboard cover. If memory serves, I think every photo in the book was black and white; only the cover photo was in full color. I don’t recall what I paid for Working Out (probably $13.00). Each page in Working Out had detailed, explanatory text about the male physique, muscle-building and various forms of exercise, information about diet, as well as information on personal hygiene. Every page featured one or two handsome, bare-chested, semi-nude guys who were either standing, sitting, holding weights, situated on an exercise machine of some kind, or engaged in various positions of some form of exercise. All of the men were dressed in either skimpy swimwear briefs or wearing exercise/running shorts; the kind of shorts that looked like underwear boxers (but without the fly) with leg length being a few inches shorter at the thigh. Those shorts were the style for exercise and running and were worn by men and women in the mid-1970s to late 1980s. They were already quite sexy for their day and would be considered too skimpy by today’s standards.

I don’t think I fully read a thing in Working Out. Mind you, like a number of gay males, other bisexual males like myself, and a number of straight guys who secretly had a thing for looking at photos of semi-nude or fully nude men in great physical form, I didn’t buy Working Out to read it. I bought the book simply to look at or carefully study each of the photos while safely enhancing my masturbatory fantasies. Working Out certainly had enough photos of bare-chested/semi-nude men to make the dick hard and mouth water of any young teen or 20-something, always horny, man like myself at the time. I remember thinking how I just had to buy that book regardless of the cost – and regardless of the fact (if memory serves) that it either lacked or didn’t have many photos of Black men.

In 1983, I was (what I’d consider) a shy, somewhat introverted, 23-year-old who was serving his third year in the United States Navy. I was very sure of my bisexuality at the time but knew that much of my sexual attraction leaned more towards men than women. Being in the Navy and always surrounded more by males than females, especially on a naval ship, certainly didn’t help my horniness factor. (I’ve got stories to tell on that subject but those will have to be saved for future blog articles!) Back in the day, I used to exercise and work out either at the base gym or in the ship’s weight room. I believed that I had a nice, physically attractive body. To look at me now, many years after I retired from my beloved Navy, my body isn’t physically bad-looking for a middle-aged man but I often regret not having the interest nor the motivation to work out like I used to. I’m reasonably healthy medically but sometimes regret having long since lost my round biceps, flat abs, (fuck, how I miss seeing my “treasure trail”) and my nice, firm bubble butt. (I take some consolation in knowing that I’m still tight and intact where it counts).

Working Out was one of a few books I owned that could be “read” openly in my bunk on the ship or left out on a table in my barracks room or private apartment without arousing any suspicion of my non-heterosexuality. Sure, I had other adult erotica and a few straight and gay porn magazines to serve me as ‘batespiration items, but those had to be read in private and kept hidden. When I got tired of jacking off to the porn magazines or reading the same sexually explicit stories in books of erotica, I would pass them off to some guy I knew was a friend of Dorothy or just throw them away. I wasn’t however, about to give nor throw away a legitimate physical fitness and “gay safe” book like Working Out.

And speaking of throwing things away …

Earlier this year, I finally (and reluctantly) threw away my copy of Working Out. I had that book for thirty-four (34) years! It – along with a number of other read books I own, were just taking up space and collecting dust on my bookshelf. I found my copy of Working Out still in great condition but it was long past time to get rid of it…to just let it go. As one gets older, if he or she is wise, they learn to let go of certain things of their youth. Working Out was one of those things. The thought of giving away my copy of Working Out or donating it to my local library crossed my mind but then I considered the age of the book and the fact that it had black and white photos whose quality is far inferior by today’s photographic standards. Thus, it was easy to make the decision to simply dispose of the book with the others I was getting rid of in my city’s newspaper/magazine/book/paper recycling program, taking one last look through it before doing so.

I would like to thank author Charles Hix for the physical fitness/exercise workout tips in his book Working Out: The Total Shape-Up Guide for Men but mainly for the ‘batespiration the photos (taken by Ken Haak) in that book provided for my younger, more physically fit, and hornier self.

– Renzo
*The word “‘batespiration” (or ‘batespirations) is a portmanteau word blending the two words “masturbation” and “inspiration”. Keep this in mind since it is a word I use often on this blog.