MP’s Photo of the Day (63)

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MP_POTD (22JUN2019)

“Soooo…where the fuck – in the last two goddamn months, have you been, Renzo?”

Well, fellas …… if you absolutely must know, I chose to take a much needed break from working on Masculine Perspectives. A few of you who have long followed me in the blogging world already know how I tend to simply “come ‘n go” like that. (And that’s because it’s a mentally healthy thing for me to do, and because there are other aspects of my life which need attention.)

While much of my time was spent working my [still tight and intact] sweet, light-brown chocolate ass off making paper (that’s ‘hood slang for “money”), I still found or made time to chill out (exactly like the fine dude you see in the photo ⬆︎) and – at least a few or more times a week (as usual), made sure to jack my dick and sexually get into me.

And yes, my friends… I’ve missed you, too! I’m sorry that I didn’t find the opportunity to read any articles posted on your respective blogs. However, now that my schedule has eased up a bit – and as time allows, I’ll try to check out some of the good things you’ve posted.

Much thanks and appreciation for your patience and loyal readership of Masculine Perspectives(And I extend a most hearty WELCOME to all new followers! 😎)

I send each of you warm, naked hugs, a kiss on the tip of your dick, and a gentle tug on your buttocks!

– Renzo

A Brief Word to Readers…

Recently, in an effort for me to “on the fly” publish more to my WordPress blogs Masculine Perspectives and Real Time, and so that I can more quickly read, give a “like” (or for new visiting readers, approve or, if necessary, reject)comments needing moderation, I downloaded the WordPress app to my portable smart devices. Please bear with me if you ever happen to see that your comment to an article or post was automatically approved/published but not yet given a “like” by me.

WordPress app screenshot (edited)
As time allows, I make an effort to read and “like”every comment posted. I very much appreciate you, my faithful readers, who take the time to visit one or both of my WordPress blogs and have either “liked” and/or written and posted a comment. While I’m on the subject of blogs, I also appreciate your visits, “likes” and decision to follow my other work at my Tumblr blog, Male Oriented Erotica and Perspectives(MOEP) and at the Masculine Perspectives(Renzo) Twitter page.

Although comments are neither expected, necessary, nor ever taken for granted, I still very much appreciate them! If I happen to like and/or agree with a reader’s comment to an article/post (which is usually the case) I will give that comment a “like” at my first and earliest opportunity. Please be patient. I am still learning the WordPress app and at the same time, am trying to determine whether the app is ideal for me to publish written articles (not photos) from my portable smart devices (e.g., tablet, smart phone) or if I should continue publishing that content directly from my laptop – as has been and is now, my usual and most preferred, and certainly best method of publishing to any of my blogs.

Thank you for your patience and for your continued support!

Naked hugs!

– Renzo (aka RobFather X)