Saturday’s Options (15)

Only on a very late warm (or hot) summer night, could you quite possibly find a sexy situation – such as that shown in the video clip, happening at one of those self-serving car wash joints positioned in various parts of the city. I can relate to some aspects of this video clip, although I’ve never washed my car – while nude– at any public setting (but most certainly would love to).

Why I Can Relate to the Video Clip –

Many years ago, there were a number of occasions when I too, would wash my car on a late warm (actually, hot) summer’s night at one of the self-serving car wash places in the city where I lived. I’d be half to near naked, wearing nothing but a pair of old, loose-fitting shorts (freeballing as usual) and flip-flops. Whenever I bent over or squatted, my bare brown ass cakes – and the hairy crack of my ass – would show for any on-lookers or passerby people to see. I would do that shit intentionally simply because…well, it was sexy (or sexual) as fuck to me, and because I used to like to publicly tease like that! And my dick would be so hard, too! Sometimes the head of my cock peeked – like my pubes, through the top of the waist band of my shorts. Again, it was a public tease and still considered sexy (or sexual) as fuck in my mind!

Although I’m much older now, and because I’m still a nudist and naturist (that is, a naturist whenever I have a safe opportunity to be naked – or very close to it when I’m outside), I still have moments when I feel like literally showing off my ass (and ass crack). However today, one has to be careful in what one does in public – considering how there are many more cameras around than ever before. And with me being somewhat of a public figure where I live, there are certain things – or rather certain acts, which I should neither be seen, photographed, and certainly never be captured on video, doing.

If you live in a city which has self-serving car wash places, I’d say very late Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are usually the best times to go to those places to wash your car – that is, if you want to be half or near-naked. Rarely is anyone at those places long after nightfall. However, I offer this short word of advice/warning: Unless you are quite certain that there aren’t any security cameras mounted nearby and/or there aren’t police patrolling the area, do not ever get completely naked in those places nor in any other public place.

Enjoy your weekend, fellas!

– Renzo

Cars, Nudity, Sex

[Dick Spit No. 2017-01] I’ve owned several cars since buying my first more than 30 years ago. Out of each of the cars I’ve owned, all but one – the current and newest car bought last year (2016), has been duly “christened” by me having either all-out sex or some form of sex with a partner in it. Because I am a nudist and a naturist I also have driven completely nude on the expressway several times and have driven a few times in the city streets (at night) while nude. I have also masturbated several times in every car I’ve owned except my current car. The car I have now has yet to be christened by me either driving naked and/or jacking off in it or from having sex with someone.

MOEP Elite-718

Although it’s been a year since I’ve bought my current car, there’s a reason why I haven’t [yet] driven nude nor done anything else sexual in it. That reason is because the car is the classiest car I’ve ever owned. It has a very fine beige and dark brown colored leather interior siding and plush seats. I simply love the entire interior too much and just can’t imagine myself doing anything that’s… well…sexually freaky and dirty in it!
Perhaps the reason I haven’t yet done the aforementioned things is because I’m now too old and/or too smart to do them. Perhaps such risqué and crude (?) sexual behavior no longer appeal to me, though I seriously doubt that’s the case!

Not to worry, though. I’m not at the point where I no longer am willing to do those things just mentioned. Nope! Given some time – and some good warm, reasonably dry weather, you just might me see on the road in my birthday suit, or see me jacking my dick, or perhaps catch me having some hot, sweaty sex with someone…provided the car windows aren’t fogged up! Until then I’ll be sure to clap, give a “thumbs up” sign, or blow my car horn a few times to any other driver I happen to see on the expressway who’s driving in the nude or is parked somewhere (hopefully safe from the eyes of the police) and having sex – of any kind – inside his car, van, or truck.
Go get yours, fellas!

– Renzo