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“Renzo, what happened to the “Sunday’s Sin (42)” pic/post?”
Thanks for asking! Here’s a (rather detailed) explanation:What Happened to the Photo_article pic1 (CT, laptop)-FL

This past Sunday evening I took down the photo in the published post for “Sunday’s Sin (42)”. I decided to take it down when I realized that one of the persons in the photo – whom I thought was a young male bottom taking dick, was in fact, a young female or so that person appeared to me to be. At a closer inspection of the photo I could see the outline form of female breasts and that the earring in her (?) ear was the kind which I doubted a male person would wear.

I realized that the photo probably wouldn’t have made much if any difference to some readers/visitors of Masculine Perspectives. And, if I were not such a perfectionist where this blog is concerned, I would have left the published post intact. The fact is, I am who I am…and Masculine Perspectives – while being a hobby of sorts, is an important project to me. Considering the measure of work and effort I put into making this blog what it is (as well as several other things I still have planned to do with it), my conscience as a creator simply wouldn’t let me keep that published post here, therefore I deleted it.

CHECK IT (and this is specifically for anyone reading this blog or who saw that post who without knowing me on any personal level, might in some way think or assume that I hate/don’t like women or worse, am a misogynist – or was being misogynistic – when I deleted the photo. Nothing could be farther from the truth!):
What Happened to the Photo_article pic2I am a masculine bisexual man; one who, on the physical, sexually, emotionally levels, happens to sometimes like and respect women as I do men. However, I do not want to feature on Masculine Perspectives any images of women nor images of male-to-female erotica nor intimate acts. Perhaps someday, when I either write, repost, and/or share an article discussing bisexuality or some article which is related to the subject of bisexuality, I may feature a couple of photos of two men and a woman shown in an intimate act for illustrative purposes. (Click here and here to read two articles on bisexuality I wrote on my other blog.) However, outside of that likely one exception, such images are simply not intended for Masculine Perspectives. In my view, this makes Masculine Perspectives unique from other blogs that are owned/operated by other bisexual men (and women) who choose to feature erotica and/or porn featuring adult men and women in sexually intimate acts or pose.

The purpose and the intent of Masculine Perspectives is to recognize and celebrate the adult masculine male and adult masculine male erotica. Since its beginning Masculine Perspectives – in addition to my authored/written content here, has always featured (in no particular order) images of [presumably masculine] men who exhibit:
– adult maleness;
– adult male sexuality and male sensuality (particularly when shown to be happening with other adult males);
– adult male-to-male intimacy;
– the adult male physical form (particularly yet unapologetically that which is to my personally preferred body type(s) and/or liking);
– adult male physical attributes (e.g., facial and body hair, genitals, buttocks, large(r) hands and/or feet, et al);
… and this blog also features images of adult males who, in my view, either are or who appear to be in (what I consider) in masculine form, masculine clothing or style of dress, and/or masculine pose.

As noted on the ‘About’ page of this blog:
“Unless specifically noted, nothing discussed and/or posted either to or in Masculine Perspectives is ever meant to indicate, assume, or imply the sexual orientation of any person or model featured. Furthermore, no negative or disparaging opinion is meant, implied, nor adversely held with regard to age, race, ethnicity, and/or any physical appearance or form not expressively shown or represented in Masculine Perspectives, nor that of any particular sexual behavioral characteristic or attributes either of or on any particular level, degree, or nature.

Having said that, I neither will offer nor make any apologies for myself being masculine and a masculine person, nor for celebrating that beloved characteristic of myself, nor for my preference, appreciation, and respect both of and for male masculinity itself.

What Happened to the Photo_article pic3 (GiF)Furthermore, being that Masculine Perspectives is the primary venue I specifically created and use for expressing my sexual self, interests, gained knowledge and wisdom, experiences, and even a few sexual fantasies to the world, just about everything featured here is, at least to some degree or another, an extension of my sexual self with regard to my being a normal, sexual human (and masculine) male first, then as a person who simply happens to be bisexual – and in that bisexuality, one who sexually favors men more than women. Readers can consider Masculine Perspectives as being a reflection of the “gay side” of my bisexuality – if that makes better sense.

Finally, to maintain numerical continuity, you will indeed see another “Sunday’s Sin (42)in the future. The photo(s) under that title will, of course, be different from that which some of you saw earlier (and recently deleted from the blog).

I hope this addresses any questions/concerns on the matter. Thanks for understanding and, as usual, I appreciate each of you following and supporting Masculine Perspectives!

– Renzo

Being both Masculine and Alpha

_RFX, Renzo nude, goatee, armpit, pierced nippleThere are pockets in U.S. society which either want or would prefer that people look down on a guy who is masculine and/or who has an “alpha” type personality; as though being one or being both is supposed to be some negative, bad, and perhaps dangerous thing. Well, fuck people who either think like that or want to believe that sort of thing! It’s not my fault that such people can neither understand nor accept the kind of men (like me) who happened to be both.

Men like us will neither be guilted into nor shamed for being who we are. We will never feel obligated to somehow “tone down” our measure of masculinity, masculine demeanor, nor any “alpha-type” personality we may happened to have due to the sensitive and/or insecure nature or feelings of other people. Furthermore, I am only qualified to assess and take comfort in and with my own level or measure of masculinity and personality type. It’s never my place to assess and/or judge that of another man. I believe society would be better off if they’d simply follow my position on this.

I recently tweeted this:
RFX Tweet (12APR2019)-3Among a host of other things I attribute to the “me” that I am, my self-confidence, both my psychological stability and sexual security and comfort, my leadership and managerial skills, my strength, patience, love, and concern as a father, how I choose or prefer to interact with other people, my management of stress and personal health, and my very ability to live, travel, and survive in this country and in the world itself, is all based simply and exactly to my being – and remaining – the kind of person that I am and have long been. I’m good with that! Any psychologically and/or emotionally insecure, fearful, and/or intimidated motherfucker who doesn’t like it will simply have to deal with it because the man that I am will not change for their benefit. 

– Renzo

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If you [still] have a Tumblr blog and are still getting harassing emails from Tumblr about you posting “adult content” on that blog –  and you have not posted such content there since Tumblr changed their prudish “Community Guidelines” on December 17, 2018, then you’ll feel my fuckstration and understand why I responded the way I did as shown in the screenshot photo.
My Post on Tumblr

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[Dick Spit No. 2019-04]
For my first “Throwback Thursday” post, I tweeted the following yesterday …

Renzo's Tweets (14MAR2019)Spread ‘Em1_ctI had that flashback memory as I was masturbating. The tweet relates to my feelings and position on reciprocal sex. In the Masculine Perspectives article titled “Sexual Reciprocation[Dick Spit No. 2019-03], published January 27, 2019, I talk briefly about sexual reciprocation with regard to sexual roles and sexual acts. (Click here or the article name to read what I wrote.)

You see fellas, whatever it is that I’m willing to do either to you or for you as my sex partner – especially if I know it to be safe and pleasurable, I too would like have done either to me or for me in return. I firmly believe in uninhibited sexual reciprocation when it comes to having sex. Anyone hoping to be in either a fuck buddy relationship or in a committed and intimate relationship with me will have to believe in that too.

– Renzo