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If you [still] have a Tumblr blog and are still getting harassing emails from Tumblr about you posting “adult content” on that blog –  and you have not posted such content there since Tumblr changed their prudish “Community Guidelines” on December 17, 2018, then you’ll feel my fuckstration and understand why I responded the way I did as shown in the screenshot photo.
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A Tumblr Blog “Rescue Plan”

MP_'BateStation1Fellas, if you haven’t already, below is a screenshot from Twitter showing a Tumblr blog “rescue plan” for those of us whose Tumblr blog(s) has adult content that’s now forbidden at Tumblr. (Right-click on image below to open and enlarge in new tab/window.)
I’m going to try this out. I just registered at, and have authorized them to connect my Tumblr blog Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives blog (MOEP) to migrate MOEP’s data to this site. MOEP’s new URL is now

rescueplan (of Tumblr blog)- Twitter page

Since there is neither anything personal nor sensitive about me on MOEP, I didn’t mind giving 2mblr read and write access to MOEP for the purpose of initiating the transfer.Tumblr to 2mblr (pt1 of 2)

Tumblr to 2mblr (pt2 of 2)The screenshot photo below shows that my blog, MOEP (male-oep) has been transferred to 2mblr. I see some of my content posted there but as of yet don’t see how I can post new content. Also, there isn’t yet a blog archive (a feature I especially liked and found exceptionally useful on Tumblr.) Without the archive, I’m not yet sure if all of MOEP’s content has been transferred. I supposed the people at are working on that for all the blogs they’ve transferred. I’ll check back in January 2019.
** NOTE: I did not delete my blog at Tumblr. In fact, 2mblr tells its users exactly not to do that (yet).

rescueplan (of Tumblr blog)- website pageANYWAY…
If you have a Twitter account (and you should have one so that you can follow me there; it’s @Renzo57Mp), then visit the Twitter page I circled in the screenshot at the top of this article and read up on what you need to do to transfer your Tumblr data. I also advise reading previous tweets at @rescueplan Twitter page which may answer some of your questions. (Right-click on image to open and enlarge in new tab/window.)

A FINAL THOUGHT & DISCLAIMER: I cannot yet say whether this particular migration to 2mblr will be suitable and efficient (and personally satisfactory) for my blog, MOEP nor whether it will be that way for any other Tumblr blogs already transferred. As I stated earlier, I’m simply trying out this “rescue plan” option. I know from reading the tweets that the staff at are still at work making improvements to the network – some of which are planned for completion by mid-to-late January 2019. I’m patient because there are other sites I can visit for ‘batespiration (masturbation inspiration). I also intend to concentrate much of my blog hobby time to posting content on this blog, Masculine Perspectives and posting content on my other blog, Real Time.

Good luck!

– Renzo

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Regarding the Tumblr Situation

CT with laptopPREFACE: Fellas, please forgive me for this late response, particularly to those of you who were kind to send me inquiries either in the comment section of Masculine Perspectives, via text message, or a private message on Facebook and Twitter regarding concerns about my Tumblr blog, Male Oriented Erotica & Perspective (MOEP) ( I humbly thank you for and appreciate your concerns. I have been ill lately – and, to make matters worse for me, my ability to type anything lengthy has, for the past several days and until recently, been limited due to me suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I explain the latter in this blog article published on Masculine Perspectives. Now, to briefly answer the personally appreciated question of concern about my Tumblr blog, Male Oriented Erotica & Perspective (MOEP), the older sister blog of this blog, Masculine Perspectives.

No, gentlemen…I have no “set-in-stone” nor any firm plans for MOEP. My guess is either Tumblr will continue (as it has been doing since their announcement a few weeks earlier) flagging adult content that has been posted and/or which has been previously posted on MOEP; content which Tumblr’s software algorithms – and/or the human eyes of their staff – determine to be in violation of their precious (and now prudish)revised Community Standards (CS) policy.

For those who either don’t blog on Tumblr or visit Tumblr, I am referring to a recent revision to Tumblr’s Community Service (CS) policy which – as of today (December 17, 2018), now prohibits and/or flags any and all “adult content” (aka NSFW – “not safe for work”) which either is presently existing or newly posted on its network. According to Tumblr, blogs on the Tumblr network having such content will be taken from public view and access – as in, taken off their internet web in such a way Tumblr deems fit, and (supposedly) made visually available only to the account user’s Tumblr account blog/page (which of course I think is pointless in and of itself). As of this writing, I see Tumblr has already taken down MOEP from the web and made it only accessible to me. It may also be accessible to other Tumblr bloggers but I don’t know. I can see it when I log on to my Tumblr dashboard – and, as of this writing, also see other blogs with adult content when I log on to Tumblr. I don’t pretend to remotely understand how or what exactly Tumblr is doing, especially considering that I’m still getting notices from Tumblr that other Tumblr bloggers are liking and re-blogging content already posted on MOEP. Still, I see that my browser links and tabbed pages to MOEP show that the connection to MOEP has been removed. Oh well, so much for that!

Flyin' Solo-49There are a number of bloggers who had been posting notices (on both Tumblr and Twitter) which offer Tumblr bloggers the option of joining some Tumblr-like network that’s supposed to be Tumblr-like in every way (sans the restriction of adult content, of course). I don’t know which of those alternative networks to choose and transfer my MOEP data and I hesitate to list any of the suggestions I’ve found or received in this article. (I wouldn’t want you to blame me for either visiting and/or migrating your Tumblr blog data content to a bad site!) However, if YOU, dear reader, have or know of a good and reliable Tumblr-alternative network site…one (or some) which offers the safe and efficient data migration of the data/content on a person’s Tumblr blog, then feel free to share that information in the comments section of this article. (I – and other readers of this article humbly THANK YOU in advance, especially if the migration works and is successful!) I’ll check out the suggested network site(s) but likely won’t immediately migrate MOEP (assuming at all that I can migrate) my data to that network nor will I subscribe to it until I see how well and adequate that website is running.

In the meantime, I’ll probably keep my Tumblr account open and active (which allows me to have access to MOEP) but I will disconnect the WordPress connection between Masculine Perspectives and MOEP/Tumblr and remove the Tumblr share button from this blog. With MOEP no longer accessible on the public web (as I understand that to be the case), I have no desire to post or share anything else on or to MOEP while it is with Tumblr.

At this point, I’m not going to fret much over this whole Tumblr thing very much. Yes, I’ve got a strong opinion about the whole matter (which I’ll probably share later) but the bottom line to all of the Tumblr shit is that there’s nothing I can do about four years of hard work on my Tumblr hobby being taken out of public view. At least I have Masculine Perspectives; although while WordPressCommunity Standards policy allows for adult content, that blogging service provider does not allow images which depict sexual acts. MP Promo UseThis is why you won’t see sexual acts like fellatio (aka blow jobs), dudes jacking off (masturbating), nor dudes fucking [other dudes] et al, featured on this blog. (However, Masculine Perspectives does have images which are merely sexually suggestive of those particular acts.) Besides, I had never intended for Masculine Perspectives to carry that kind of content anyway since (until recently) I was saving that sort of thing for posting on my Tumblr blog, MOEP. Now, should WordPress ever get a hair up its ass and decide to go the way of Tumblr…meaning, should WordPress also decide to prohibit adult content on its network, then I will consider closing this blog and ask for a refund of whatever money is left on my paid subscription. I’m just sick of all the prudish censorship and the so-called “safe environment” bullshit!

Fellas, I’ve got much more to say about this evil Tumblr Community Standards and so-called “safe environment” situation but the nerves in my right hand and wrist (yes, the very hand I use to jack my dick) has been tingling like a mutherfucker in the last few minutes (again, due to carpal tunnel syndrome), so I’ll end this article here.

All my best to my fellow Tumblr bloggers!
(And a huge and appreciative THANK YOU is given to those persons who recently came from Tumblr and decided to add Masculine Perspectives to their list of blogs to follow.)

– Renzo

A Personal Milestone (at Tumblr)


MOEP Promo (11NOV 2017)

Today, I made my 3000th post on my Tumblr blog Male Oriented Erotica & Perspectives (MOEP). (Link: www. male-oep.tumblr. com) To commemorate the occasion, I posted the following message on that blog to my followers:

“Since its launch on February 23, 2014, MOEP has always served and will continue to serve me (as long as Tumblr Admin will allow) as a personal hobby. I’ve never been interested in post-competitions, nor in achieving or in beating some kind of silly record of blog “likes” or “followers”, nor have I ever been interested in trying to outdo other bloggers in terms of photo content covering some particular [sexual] content. None of that is why I created this blog. Besides, I’m too old, too smart, too psychologically secure, and definitely too experienced with the reality of life to ever allow myself to get involved in or swept up in that kind of petty and vain bullshit. I simply post and/or share on this blog the kind of content that I find pleasing to my eyes…. which of course, comes with a natural hope that other Tumblr bloggers and visitors will also like the content I’ve posted or shared here.

I’ve always noticed one odd thing about Tumblr bloggers: the inconsistent loyalty factor. People on Tumblr will follow a blog for a while then later unfollow the moment the author of said blog isn’t posting content as often as the follower blogger would like or when that author isn’t posting the kind of photo content which the follower blogger is looking to see or wants to see. I find it strange but, it’s all good. Everything offered in life isn’t for everybody all of the time. This is why I am content with the fact that I do not post content on MOEP for the necessary purpose of pleasing my followers or other blog visitors. As owner and author of this blog, all content posted here is because it pleased me first; I’m simply sharing it on Tumblr – as well as on my recently launched new blog called Masculine Perspectives. I think pleasing one’s self first should be the primary intent of every blog owner/author – whether their blog is on Tumblr or elsewhere. (This is why I tend to ignore comments from people who complain about the content I post here or who try to “suggest” what I should/should not do on this blog.) As I said, this blog is my hobby and as such, I always have to be happy and satisfied with whatever I do here otherwise I just won’t do it.

I appreciate those of you who stay and choose to [continue] follow MOEP. I am grateful for your patience with regard to what I choose to post and how often I post here. I also appreciate that many of you realize that I, like many other bloggers, do have a life outside of Tumblr and, like all hobbies, sometimes one has to set aside the hobby toys in order to live life, deal with its many responsibilities, and participate in many other pleasures life offers.

Thank you all for “liking” the content posted on MOEP, for following this blog (I’m also trying to return the “follow” favor of your blogs as time allows), as well as for your kind comments and for your support of me expressing myself as I see fit. I’ll always be grateful.”

– RFX (Renzo)