A Word About Facebook’s Double Standards

This video from LADbible appeared in my Facebook newsfeed today. While I found it both interesting and fun to watch, I couldn’t help but shake my head at the double standards Facebook has regarding their so-called “safe community” policy. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised this video was allowed to be posted (thus the reason for this article).

You see, I’ve always believed Facebook’s Community Standards policy regarding nudity and the depiction of sexual images as having too much ambiguity, with many parts of it being utter nonsense and unrealistic bullshit. I say this having seen – and how I continue to see, how that “necessary evil” social media network [Facebook] will allow to be posted on its network, some things of a relatively harmless sexual nature (like the video above) but not others of the very same kind.

I’ve long been of the opinion that someone at Facebook Admin – as well as far too many prudish users of that accursed network (perhaps someone reading this article), seem fearful of any image of the human penis (aka dick, cock, schlong, et al); particularly one that is erect (a natural occurrence of that sexual organ of sexual pleasure and necessary tool of human procreation), and most certainly fearful of any black-skinned dick that’s either flaccid or erect. Yes, I said it! Let’s just be real about that! It’s why – after three times of having been thrown in Facebook jail* – with zero opportunity given or allowed for grievance against that action, I decided to take down my “Masculine Perspectives” Facebook page last year (2017); a decision I’ve never regretted and which gave birth to the very fine blog you all see here.

– Renzo

[*Facebook jail is the slang yet disparaging term used or referred to by Facebook users to describe the “place” or rather the action Facebook takes as punishment against a user of its network. Facebook Admin takes such action against a user for having violated (in Facebook’s judgment or because Facebook admin happened to agree with another user’s report) some aspect of Facebook’s Community Standards policy. That user is blocked or prohibited by Facebook from posting, sharing, and commenting on the social media network for a length of time which may range from a few days to several weeks, or perhaps permanently, as deemed by Facebook.]