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Here is the blog’s “mission statement” or rather, an explanation of what this blog is and will be about:

“The Masculine Perspectives blog exists to shamelessly and unapologetically promote the expression, frank discussion, and celebration of matters related to male masculinity, sexuality and sensuality.”

This simple and clear statement serves to affirm my position and unwavering opinion (and mine alone) of what I’ve come to know, believe, recognize, acknowledge, and accept as being the definition of and/or the demonstration of male masculinity, sexuality, and sensuality  at least according to and based upon my five-decade experience as a masculine bisexual Black American male. This statement, like the photo content, originally authored articles, and any shared blog or website postings/links, is neither meant nor intended to insinuate or assume the sexual orientation or the gender characteristics and/or behavior of any person or group of people. Hopefully, this statement alleviates any possible or probable misunderstandings or misperceptions which might be held by visitors to this site regarding either myself – as the blog owner/author, and the overall blog’s content, purpose and intentions.

I hope you will enjoy each and every visit to Masculine Perspectives! Read more about the Masculine Perspectives blog by clicking here, get a detailed description of the category titles used on this blog here, and take note of the blog’s Content Disclaimer here.

Again, thank you for visiting!

– Lerenzo “Renzo” Nevada