MP’s Photo of the Day (63)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).
MP_POTD (22JUN2019)

“Soooo…where the fuck – in the last two goddamn months, have you been, Renzo?”

Well, fellas …… if you absolutely must know, I chose to take a much needed break from working on Masculine Perspectives. A few of you who have long followed me in the blogging world already know how I tend to simply “come ‘n go” like that. (And that’s because it’s a mentally healthy thing for me to do, and because there are other aspects of my life which need attention.)

While much of my time was spent working my [still tight and intact] sweet, light-brown chocolate ass off making paper (that’s ‘hood slang for “money”), I still found or made time to chill out (exactly like the fine dude you see in the photo ⬆︎) and – at least a few or more times a week (as usual), made sure to jack my dick and sexually get into me.

And yes, my friends… I’ve missed you, too! I’m sorry that I didn’t find the opportunity to read any articles posted on your respective blogs. However, now that my schedule has eased up a bit – and as time allows, I’ll try to check out some of the good things you’ve posted.

Much thanks and appreciation for your patience and loyal readership of Masculine Perspectives(And I extend a most hearty WELCOME to all new followers! 😎)

I send each of you warm, naked hugs, a kiss on the tip of your dick, and a gentle tug on your buttocks!

– Renzo

MP’s Photo of the Day (62)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).MP_POTD (21APR2019)(Follow me, a fisher of men)

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)

P/N: Just because I’m an atheist (and have been for the last near forty-plus years) doesn’t mean that I haven’t read/studied the Christian Bible nor remember many of the passages in it. Having said that, I’ll note that I neither celebrate, acknowledge, nor respect any Christian holiday nor that religion’s reasons for what they call “Good Friday” and “Passover” which occurs on the calendar before the [originally pagan] holiday known as Easter (a holiday so stolen by and since then became annually celebrated by Christians).

The photo is here simply because it is…well, sexy. (Duh!) The biblical passage is here – not as some religious-based/Christian recruitment call, but simply to put a secular spin on the words “fishers of men“; meaning to “gather” (or fish for) other men who either want a same-sex fuck-buddy relationship or a committed/long-term partner-type relationship.
Now, invite me to a warm, clear sky evening beach or backyard hunt for some chocolate-covered candy Easter eggs and jelly beans – a hunt that’s strictly for fellow naked adults, and I am so-o-o-o there!

Oh, and I’ll be sure to bring some wine and my own condoms! *snickers*

– Renzo

MP’s Photo of the Day (61)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (17APR2019)(Yolco Warrior guardian)

Well! Talk about a man looking like a so-called “man’s man”! OMG! This man – whom the artist calls a “Yolco Warrior guardian” (and I don’t know shit about that so don’t ask) may be too much man (if that’s even possible) – or perhaps this man has too much dick (at least for some dudes).

I dunno, fellas. Every guy has his taste – as well as his particular (and peculiar) fetishes and [masturbatory] fantasies; either about being fucked by men who look like the one shown here or fucking such a man. Of course I’m referring to that whole sexual reciprocation thing I talked about a few months ago, as well as some of us guys being the “masculine alpha-type male” which I wrote about (based on myself) recently. I only mentioned the latter because the figure in the artwork speaks that way to me. I can’t help it. I get off on other men who either are, appear to be and/or who show themselves as being as masculine and alpha as myself. I’ve had a number of male sex partners like that; guys who were reciprocal in bed – and who, and in my enjoyable sexual experience, always made the best sex partners [for me].

Now, although this guy is so-o-o-o not my preferred body type, I still have admiration for the work of art itself…which is why I posted it here. (Duh!) And if I were ever to meet such a man, befriended him, liked his personality, and he later told me that he wanted the two of us to kick it in bed? Well then…fuck! I would not turn him down!

Okay, enough commentary. Feast your eyes, gentlemen…. and feel free to rub your crotches. It’s what you’re supposed to do!

– Renzo

Being both Masculine and Alpha

_RFX, Renzo nude, goatee, armpit, pierced nippleThere are pockets in U.S. society which either want or would prefer that people look down on a guy who is masculine and/or who has an “alpha” type personality; as though being one or being both is supposed to be some negative, bad, and perhaps dangerous thing. Well, fuck people who either think like that or want to believe that sort of thing! It’s not my fault that such people can neither understand nor accept the kind of men (like me) who happened to be both.

Men like us will neither be guilted into nor shamed for being who we are. We will never feel obligated to somehow “tone down” our measure of masculinity, masculine demeanor, nor any “alpha-type” personality we may happened to have due to the sensitive and/or insecure nature or feelings of other people. Furthermore, I am only qualified to assess and take comfort in and with my own level or measure of masculinity and personality type. It’s never my place to assess and/or judge that of another man. I believe society would be better off if they’d simply follow my position on this.

I recently tweeted this:
RFX Tweet (12APR2019)-3Among a host of other things I attribute to the “me” that I am, my self-confidence, both my psychological stability and sexual security and comfort, my leadership and managerial skills, my strength, patience, love, and concern as a father, how I choose or prefer to interact with other people, my management of stress and personal health, and my very ability to live, travel, and survive in this country and in the world itself, is all based simply and exactly to my being – and remaining – the kind of person that I am and have long been. I’m good with that! Any psychologically and/or emotionally insecure, fearful, and/or intimidated motherfucker who doesn’t like it will simply have to deal with it because the man that I am will not change for their benefit. 

– Renzo

MP’s Photo of the Day (58)

Featuring specially selected images of clothed, semi-nude, or fully nude men (and other random images of masculinity).

MP_POTD (03APR2019)

Study this pic carefully. Just imagine the manly pheromone odor emanating from the armpits of this guy; and surely that odor which is packed behind those lame briefs he’s wearing. (Oh, why the fuck is wearing that damn ugly thing?)
Now, if that man were in my room, I’d make damn sure he took off those lame-looking briefs; not because the briefs themselves look lame (they do), but because I’m gonna want to see – then swallow – his flaccid cock.

As this dude’s cock – while it’s in my mouth – grows to its natural firm hardness (and I so much love feeling that happen), I’ll be inhaling the man-funk nestled in the pubes of his groin. That’s right, I’m talking about that familiar pheromone-filled scrotum odor so produced by every man’s warm, sometimes damp or sweaty ballsack.

And whether I suck his cock – or that dude decides he wants to face-fuck or skull-fuck me, occasionally I’ll feel the hair on his inner thighs brush up against the sides of my face. Fellatio will continue to happen until this dude erupts his delicious warm cum either down my throat or all over on my face. I’ll let him decide what he wants to do because either way I’ll still get what I want.

– Renzo

It’s in the…JEANS! (3)

Featuring images of men who are either wearing, taking off, or simply holding a pair of denim jeans [full length, shorts, or coveralls], regardless of color. Added to the sexiness of a man wearing denim jeans are those particular men who are or who may appear to be freeballing (which I do often when wearing jeans), and whose sockless and properly cared-for feet have on either a flip-flop or a slide type shoe, or when that man is wearing no shoes at all (which in my eyes, is more than perfect if his feet look good), or his feet are shod (sans socks).

MP_It's in the JEANS-1a (City eye candy in jeans)

My, my, my! *sighs* Whew!
And it’s scenes such as this
⬆︎delectable eye candy⬆︎, for why I can’t wait for the summer season to arrive!
– Renzo

Renzo’s Randoms (2)

If you [still] have a Tumblr blog and are still getting harassing emails from Tumblr about you posting “adult content” on that blog –  and you have not posted such content there since Tumblr changed their prudish “Community Guidelines” on December 17, 2018, then you’ll feel my fuckstration and understand why I responded the way I did as shown in the screenshot photo.
My Post on Tumblr